Freedemian Legislature passes Restroom and Water Access Act, first steps taken

QUENTINSBURGH- The reforms started by WAWAA (Water Accessibility and Affordability Act) will continue, as Freedemian Legislature just passed a bill known as the Restroom and Water Accessibility Act (RAWAA) aimed at solving the public restroom shortage in Freedemia.

For clarification, the bill is very different from gender-based restroom bills being passed in other nations. The goal of the restroom portion of the bill is to solve the massive shortage of public restrooms in Freedemian cities and crack down on what President Rosenthal calls an unfair and predatory “restroom tax”, where businesses and organizations say only paying customers are allowed to use restrooms.

The bill makes it where if a building is open to the public and has a restroom in an area that is open to the public, the restroom must also be open to the public, unless there is already another public restroom provided. The bill also bans “customer only” restrooms, and limits employee only restrooms.

The water portion of the bill requires new public squares and parks to have at least one water fountain, and multiple if the park is large enough, as well as to provide at least one public restroom in larger parks and squares. It also puts aside some money to help parks and businesses create new or renovate old public restrooms and water fountains.

The bill acts as the first step towards acting to solve the restroom crisis in Freedemia and to make further steps towards water accessibility and affordability.


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