Former Bluesage leader Gordon Itani rules Bluesage Prefecture again, launches long-term tourism expansion project

Varella (Belphenia State Television, Angel News Channel) – Gordon Itani, the former Fisher’s Gate guild master and leader of Bluesage Prefecture who tried to get the Government of Belphenia to overturn the theocratic nation’s ban on the Siikesilla, was ordered by Great Heart’s governing body to rule the country’s southernmost prefecture of Bluesage in the state of Seralia Division again until his death under the Constitution of the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia. Effective immediately, Itani must return to Varella as Bluesage leader and Fisher’s Gate guild master within 24 hours or risk expulsion from Great Heart.

Saitoko Haiki, a Shikashime of the governing body of Great Heart, said that the actions of Itani resigning as Bluesage leader over the attempted abolishment of the Siikesilla ban in September 2015 before his death violated the Constitution laws of the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia, Great Heart’s shirarume laws, and the “golden rules” policy on ruling the theocratic nation.

“Itani must return to Varella by order of the governing body of Great Heart and the Government of Belphenia to rule the southernmost prefecture of Bluesage as the Leader of Bluesage, and must comply with the laws of Belphenia and the laws of Great Heart. Failure to comply with the government and Great Heart will result in Itani to expulsion from the state religion as shirarume.” Naomi Edeleria, a Shikashime of Great Heart warned the former Bluesage leader at the High Court of Seralia Division in Seralia City.

“Under Belphenia’s strict laws on ruling the prefecture and Great Heart’s governing body’s religious concerns, Itani must rule Bluesage once again within 24 hours until his death. Failure to cooperate with Great Heart and the Government of Belphenia will result in expulsion from the nation’s state religion.” Eliari Shiraishi, the Seralia Division state leader said. She also gave Itani a warning that “if he resigns before his death or by other serious means again, he will face the consequences when he will face expulsion from Great Heart as shirarume.”

Within six hours, Gordon Itani apologized to the Belphenian government, Great Heart’s governing body, and the Seralia Division State Government for his actions in September and October 2015, and was forgiven by them and many Bluesagers and the Seraliani. He eventually went back to Varella from Tsugumi Beach in Seraphina Prefecture to regain control of Bluesage as leader and guild master again.

“From now on, as a pirate, I will lead Bluesage again. And this time, I have learned my lessons about my mistakes in the past, including my resignation as Bluesage leader and guild master of Fisher’s Gate. I will take the oath once again that I will promise to Great Heart that I will launch new tourism expansion project instead, and never try to abolish Belphenia’s Siikesilla ban, and after I learned what our late First Leader Elena Heartfilia wrote about giving up ruling Belphenia before death in the past… I will never again resign as Bluesage leader before my death. And today, I am back as a stronger person, because I do not want the Prime Minister of Belphenia to call me weak. I will not regret it… I look forward. Bluesage serves as the Frontier of the Sound of Sunda, and we will accomplish by means of looking ahead to what’s in store for the southernmost prefecture in the nation.” Itani said when he gave his address from the Bluesage Prefecture Office in Varella.

Itani will also launch a long-term, tourism expansion project across Bluesage starting on April 20. The expansion of tourism will bring economic benefits to Bluesage Prefecture and will be completed in May or June 2019.


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