A half-decade later, Belphenia pauses to remember April 5 massacre

Remiville (Belphenia State Television, Sakura News Center, Earthland News Now, Angel News Channel, BNN News 24) – In the Belphenian state of Sakura, those whose lives were lost in the massacre are remembered in the Belphenian capital of Remiville.

The theocratic nation marked the 5th year anniversary of the April 5 massacre when Sasuke Volkman sent his comrades including Heidi Law and Aiden Tremont, and the terrorist organization Destructive Prime to attempt to assassinate Reiko Beard and Ilani Nakashima in a series of terrorist attacks in the capital city and across Belphenia over the exposure of the late dictator’s cult of personality and human rights abuses that resulted in the massacre took the lives of 160 victims, 288 were injured, 240,000 were sent to Commonia as slave victims, and the Destructive Prime faction launched terror attacks, a series of territorial disputes, political conflicts, and economic collapse in a six-hour long tragic day that rocked the nation as an isolated, secretive state and triggered the overthrow of the late dictator’s regime and the first stage of the Battle of Shirahoshi in 2011.

In Remiville, Sakura Prefecture, a traditional roll call of the names of the 160 victims began at 9:41am (10:11am Seralia-Zerephine Summer Time, 10:31am East Belphenia Summer Time) at the Volkman Period Memorial near Olympia. The roll call readers included journals about the victims’ wishes of living in Belphenia in freedom, truth, and peace, and one victim, Aoi Murakani wanted to become a samurai and a shikashime of Great Heart.

The Great Heartists and the Belphenian government of the Clear Heart period condemned the actions of Sasuke Volkman and Destructive Prime when Belphenia became a democracy again before the events of the Battle of Shirahoshi where the samurai and pirates, and the Guilds of Belphenia fought with supporters of the late dictator to regain control of ruling Belphenia.

Others reading names included Tadashi Shiiragi, a Lornesse victim who saved Erza Beard’s life killed by Heidi Law on 4/05, Minori Tokushimi, a Meredy victim who was a samurai working for the Knights of the Eraede, and Yuji Menjou, an Astigoth bookwriter who documented the deteriorating world conditions during the Volkman period.

In Remiville’s Ryushime samurai district, Reiko Beard, the nation’s ceremonial leader, and Erza Beard, Prime Minister of Belphenia and her members honored the 160 victims of 4/05 with a moment of silence at the North Garden of Great Heart Castle and tolling bells across the city at 10:24am local time, the moment the Destructive Prime faction executed 190 victims.

Masahide Shiroma, the nation’s Deputy Prime Minister, spoke at the Scarlet Heart Gardens commemoration after one of the Great Heartists used a horagai at 11:41am local time, the moment the Destructive Prime sent the first slave victim from Yalobusha Prefecture to Commonia under Volkman’s order.

“It has been a half-decade since the massacre took place on a rainy, Tuesday day on April 5, 2011. This post-Volkman period shows that Belphenia is no match for domestic terrorism, slavery, torture, and the lie.” Shiroma said at an event only to families of the victims. “From the time being, we will keep remembering and honoring our dear Belphenians who did not ask for death and torture over these 5 years. The scourges of wickedness will not crumble the foundations of the theocratic nation’s spirit of truth, and most of all, not to erase the wondrous gift of life in each Belphenians’ lives as long as they live in a normal, happy life course without the lie and the terrible influences of Sasuke Volkman.”

In the current Moka period, the names of the 160 victims are currently being named on trunk roads in the outskirts of Remiville, the samurai using horagai to honor the victims who lost their lives, national flags flying at half-mast, ringing Great Heart’s Bells of Truth, and Sakura petals falling down onto the streets, canals, rivers, and the freeways of Remiville, Sakura.


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