Race ended closer than expected, but Patrick Houser still wins Vice Presidency

QUENTINSBURGH- In a city that almost caused a last minute upset in the race for the Vice Presidency, Former VP Marco Nelson supporters were both pleasantly surprised and disappointed by the close result.

Quentinsburgh, a city once expected to go to Former VP Anne Redsten before she dropped out and tied between Nelson and Houser for the past week, actually ended up voting for Marco Nelson 82%, over Newscaster Patrick Houser with just 18%. It appears the nation’s second largest city and capital and the surrounding state, also the home to two of Freedemia’s most important military bases, sided with Nelson due to his isolationist policies and the trust that he could better protect the nation from threats by Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels. A similar trend was seen in other large areas with military bases, including Anneitasburgh and Fort Elwood.

Marco Nelson in the end, managed to close the gap in the past week- just not enough. At 100% of the nation’s districts reporting, underdog Patrick Houser won with 52.7% of the vote, with Marco Nelson getting 47.1%. Anne Redsten apparently got 0.2% of the vote as a write in.

It seems what prevented the Nelson comeback was an upset in Graham state, still home to the largest city in Freedemia, Graham City. Graham City residents believed Patrick Houser would do a better job of helping the embattled, impoverished, half-abandoned, and crime-ridden city get back on its feet, with about 78% choosing Patrick Houser. Coupled with a huge Houser landslide in highly populated home state Franklins (a whopping 96.4%!!!!!!!) and a surprise win in Laneston and Vandover due to his green policies (around 59%), it was too much for Nelson to overcome.

This is the first time in Freedemian history where both the president and the vice president are both complete outsiders and non-politicians. President Angela Rosenthal, a former teacher and principal, won in a similarly close race back in 2014, but then vice-president Tom Morganton had been mayor of Franklinsburgh. Ironically, Patrick Houser is also a Franklinsburghian.

While this result was mostly expected for the last 2 months or so, it really is a huge upset. At the announcement of VP Tom Morganton’s resignation, Nelson was expected to win with 70% or more, Anne Redsten was expected to come in second, and Houser was polling at about 4%.

Houser and his supporters, at a “Hoping for Houser” watch party in Downtown Franklinsburgh, were quite antsy watching the results, as the race was much closer than previously predicted. However, when the initial verification came in on Sunday morning that Patrick Houser had officially won, the crowd bust into cheers, as the local newscaster previously expected to get pummeled by Nelson won by a sliver. Even his normally politically neutral home news network of KFRA 10 celebrated during the evening news.

“Thank you, Freedemia, for bringing me a victory previously thought impossible!!! We won! Against all odds we won!!!!!!!!!”

Marco Nelson was a little less excited, understandably, but he was a very good sport, saying “Congratulations to Patrick Houser, a man I respect a lot in many ways and with many good ideas I believe will help this country.”

President Rosenthal released a statement saying “We are very happy with the result and congratulate Patrick Houser’s amazing win! We also want to congratulate Marco Nelson on his comeback and hope that we can continue to gain from his knowledge and understanding of foreign policy to keep our nation safe.”

Houser’s inauguration will be this morning at the Capitol Mall in Quentinsburgh.


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