Quentinsburgh, QUARTA sell Graham City, MGTA old QLine Subway Cars

QUENTINSBURGH- QUARTA’s old Q430 and Q470 series subway cars aren’t done yet. The transit system announced Friday that they will be sold to MGTA, Graham City’s struggling transit system, as they attempt to rebuild and expand to help with Graham City’s revitalization efforts.

The Q430 trains come from the late 1970s, while the Q470s are from the mid 1980s.

The oldest subway cars QUARTA runs on a regular basis today are the Q550 cars, made in the late 1990s to replace the Q430s and Q470s and the first trains to feature built in digital displays on the front and back instead of having the number on a sign in the window (Q430s) or at the top in the display (Q470s). For a while, QUARTA ran the older trains rarely, later keeping them for emergency situations. However, with the new Q700 series subway cars replacing 90% of the fleet and the Q600s and Q550s making up the other 10%, QUARTA no longer has a need for the massive numbers of older train cars.

MGTA, however, has been struggling. The system has been using a fleet almost entirely from the 60s because the city has lacked funding to do much more. Trains often break down or have issues. The old QUARTA trains, old and outdated but in near perfect condition, will act as a much needed upgrade for the system, while allowing the money that would have been used to buy a new fleet to go into system improvements and into the surrounding community.

This will work well for Graham City as a whole, which is finally on the verge of a massive revitalization to attempt to restore the city to a good condition. Once the largest and nicest city in Freedemia, Graham has fallen into a state of disrepair. For the last few decades, massive numbers of people, jobs, and tourists have left Graham City behind, leaving behind high poverty, abandoned buildings, and the highest crime rates in the country (which are technically still lower than most of the rest of the world when it comes to “violent crimes”, but high for Freedemia nonetheless). Planners hope to use newfound “emergency funding” from the Freedemian government to redevelop Graham, and repairing the metro system to drive development is a large concept.

In the 2000s, several important old elevated lines in Graham City were labeled condemned, then demolished, after falling into a state of complete disrepair, while other important elevated lines were completely suspended due to lack of funding. New funding and the “new” fleet will make it possible to restore service to remaining lines, do needed repairs, and create opportunities to rebuild the lines that had been demolished, while creating affordable housing in place of the abandoned buildings and mobile home parks lining the tracks and former tracks. With corrupt incumbent Graham State Executive Andrew Carmichael polling at an all time low of 2% and all other candidates vowing to work to fix Graham for good, hopes are high for a bright future.

QUARTA was originally planning on scrapping the trains, so they sold to MGTA for an extremely low price of f’750,000 for the entire fleet. A new fleet the same size would have run costs closer to f’650,000,000. QUARTA also agreed to make all needed repairs to the trains before delivering them to Graham. A QUARTA Board Member was heard saying this after the decision: “A rising tide lifts all boats. Helping MGTA and the people of Graham City will help all of us in the long run.”


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