With VP Election on Saturday, race is close but looks Hopeful for Houser, increased security for inauguration planned

QUENTINSBURGH- One of two large cities Marco Nelson actually could have a chance in, he has been dedicating a large amount of this week to campaigning in Quentins state and moved on to Graham yesterday.

Nelson and Houser are virtually tied in Quentins and Graham States, home to the two largest cities in Freedemia. If Nelson can hold out and somehow take the lead, he could have a slim chance. However, it looks unlikely, as right now, Patrick Houser has the support of about 65% of the population of all of the major cities other than Quentinsburgh and Graham City. While geographically it looks like a tie, Houser is now leading Nelson 55% to 44% due to his lead in highly populated areas like his home city of Franklinsburgh, the third biggest behind Quentinsburgh. Houser leads in his home state with about 93%, while Nelson’s only landslide is Wellsylvania, the least populated state, where he leads with about 80%. Nelson is, however, leading in almost all rural areas and at least tied in states with military bases, which is why the race is still so close.

Whoever wins the election on Saturday night will be sworn in on Monday morning at a ceremony at the Capitol Mall. Security will be greatly increased, after another potential attacker from the Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels was caught and arrested at a recent Marco Nelson rally with dart blowers and bia bia poison, the same technique used in the assassination attempt of president Rosenthal. QUARTA is considering cutting bus service through the Mall and temporarily closing the QLine stops located on the Capitol Mall during big events like this where major political figures could be targets. One problem with this plan is that the Capitol Shuttle would cease to properly connect lines as it would lose its connection to line 3. However, QUARTA is considering this idea given the circumstances.


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