New QUARTA metro lines start running today, lines 10 and 12 eliminated

QUENTINSBURGH- The first line 13 train ever rolled through the brand new Freeman/Quentinsburgh station early this morning, while line 14 made its first trips along Capitol Blvd West alongside the 1. Today, QUARTA launched two new lines, terminated two lines, and created a subway system they plan to leave the same for quite some time.

The new line 13 runs mostly with the 4 and the 7 creating a direct link from Northcross to downtown Quentinsburgh to East Quentinsburgh. Line 14 runs alongside the 1 and 7 to provide additional service.

The biggest news about the line 13, however, is likely the new east-west downtown tunnel and the tight u-turn the line makes transferring from the line 4 tracks around QSU to the line 7 tracks around Freedemian Square Plaza. While it unfortunately doesn’t cross through the major downtown stations on the 1 and 14 like Quentinsburgh Union Station, it now acts as the best connection between lines since the building of the Capitol Shuttle in the 70’s. With stops at major hub stops like Raleigh/Bond, Capitol/Bond/Quails Field, Wellson/Kendall Center, Wellson/QSU, Capitol/Quentinsburgh and DaSilva Station, line 13 connects lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 14, and CS- better than the Capitol Shuttle. And unlike on the Capitol Shuttle, you can connect between all of those lines at some of the most important downtown stations with only a short ride.

Earlier last month, QUARTA released updated plans for the improved QLine Metro system, which included two previously unexpected changes, the elimination of line 10 (replaced by an extended line 9) and the elimination of redundant line 12. This is the first time ever that numbers are missing from the numerically labelled QUARTA system. Line 10 had been the shortest line in the system after line 8 was extended, and line 12 would have become completely unnecessary at the creation of line 13. Line 14 saw a minor change before opening as well, as it was given a brown circle (slightly lighter than the brown from line 10) instead of the previously announced tan. Line 13 stayed a muted gold color.

Both the 13 and 14 started running at 4am. Line 13 had a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Freeman/Quentinsburgh station.


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