Freedmians soon to see “change” in their currency with two new coins and others discontinued

QUENTINSBURGH- After years of discussion Freedemia will finally be tweaking their coins and banknotes. The legislature voted to discontinue the making of the TwoCoin (fc2) and the Three Freedin bill (f’3) on April 1st, while simultaneously creating a FifthFreedin Coin (fc20) and a HalfFreedin Coin (fc50).

Currently (before the change) there are Freedin Coins worth f’0.02, f’0.05, f’0.10, and f’0.25. However, complaints arose over the fact that 2 cannot go into 5 and 10 cannot go into 25, making it hard to use or receive change. By creating a 20coin and eliminating TwoCoins, all coins smaller than 20 will fit perfectly into a 20coin. The idea behind the HalfFreedin coin is that it will make halving a Freedin easier than using 4 QuarterFreedin Coins. Phasing out the QuarterFreedin slowly is also being considered, but won’t happen anytime soon.

Coins that have been discontinued will still be accepted. However, they will be slowly phased out. Starting in June, prices will either round up to end with 5 or down to end with 0. All prices that end with two coins will round down.

And as for the OneCoin, it is estimated by 2025 it will actually be worth about the same as a FiveCoin considering it has been out of circulation since 1980. Some businesses have said they will accept old OneCoins as alternatives to FiveCoins, although this is not a popular idea as most people with OneCoins want to keep them until they are worth far more.


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