NFT airs documentary on corruption, calls out Andrew Carmichael, Carmichael sues

Disclaimer- National Freedemian Television is PWN’s largest competitor in Freedemian broadcasting. However, in this article PWN is simply bringing the story.

PERRYVILLE- A neutral Freedemian television network has found itself in a lawsuit after airing a legitimate documentary on political corruption in Freedemia. Graham Executive Andrew Carmichael is suing National Freedemian Television over “politically driven statements”.

NFT News, as part of their A Deeper Look documentary series, recently made a new documentary about political corruption through the years in Freedemia. The program aired Wednesday on television and came out on Webflix the next day.

Most of the individuals who were mentioned and situations discussed in the documentary were based on past corruption, events and scandals. However, the documentary called out current Graham State Executive and billionaire Andrew Carmichael, who is currently running for reelection. The documentary pointed out how almost all his promises were not kept, the lack of spending on projects to help state residents, and how almost all of the few projects that were done went to help the already wealthy in a state with the largest income inequality in the country.

Carmichael responded with a defamation lawsuit, saying the documentary was politically driven in an effort to further hurt his campaign for reelection. NFT insists they were just stating the facts with no intention other than showing political corruption across the board. Carmichael replied with an implied threat to take NFT for everything they own.

When asked, Wooten-Whitaker expressed disappointment but insisted on taking the high road. “I’m not going to politicize this. I think the situation speaks for itself.”

Progress World Network even released a statement supporting NFT, a rare moment amongst fierce competition, saying, “While we will not comment directly on the Carmichael situation, we appreciate NFT’s dedication to bringing the undiluted truth in their broadcasting and news, not holding back the facts for fear of personal loss. Despite competition, PWN greatly respects National Freedemian Television and their honesty and straightforwardness in broadcasting.”

National Freedemian Television is considered one of the Top Four networks in Freedemia, just underneath number 1, Progress World Network, and above number 3, Nationwide Television Network. They have expressed their dedication to keeping affiliates afloat even if somehow they go down in this lawsuit. NFT is considering a countersuit, because only about a year ago Carmichael’s own CarmichaelBroadcasting tried to purchase NFT. Their denial of that offer could be possible motive for the “frivolous lawsuit”, in addition to political reasons.

While it would be hard, Carmichael has enough money to run NFT into the ground. His billions rival the total worth of NFT , forming a pretty large threat for the network in this lawsuit. Even though NFT is expected to win the lawsuit, they could run very low on money by the end. However, they do plan to fight back, fairly, but very hard.


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