Woolonia rebuilding making progress, President Sealy reports; WTR assassin-to-be was part of smaller radical subgroup

WOOLPORT- After months of near stagnant standstill, the last three months have seen great progress in Woolonia’s rebuilding, according to President Ferdinand Sealy at a press conference this morning.

A large amount of the recent improvements have been to ports and the roadway network. When both are completely finished, Woolonia’s capacity for imports and exports will nearly double. The improvements will be especially helpful for transportation of goods for and from Freedemia, Belphenia, and neighboring Maydien across the nation.

The biggest concern about the rebuilding process now is what appears to be an increase in anti-modernist sentiments within the Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels, which could threaten to undo a lot of the progress made. The movement existed since the early 1900’s, and most recently they attempted to overthrow the Woolonian government back in 2013, creating a year long civil war that had created half the destruction that is being rebuilt. There has been no serious action from the group since the war’s end in late 2014. However, in light of a new booming international economy, a modernizing country, an alliance with Freedemia and close trade with Belphenia and neighbor Maydien, it seems like late 2015 and early 2016 have seen a regrowth within the group, angered by what they see as triumphs for the modern organized government and losses for traditionalists. A series of recent statements from the leader of the movement have implied their fight had just begun, and those statements culminated with an assassination attempt on Freedemia’s president.

Recent investigations by both Freedemia and Woolonia have shown the culprit of the attempt, a Saresta Derdenstein of Woolonia, was actually part of a smaller separate group within the WTR that is more violent and more radical, SIWC (Sheep in Wolves Clothing). The Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels have repeatedly denounced aggressive senseless acts of violence, saying that SIWC does not reflect their views, even though they share the same goals. Woolonia is still being very cautious, however, as the WTR did make it clear they were willing to fight.

Despite these sentiments by the WTR, economists and analysts have said that everyone is being helped by the modernization, trade, and the organized government, because despite changes in many lifestyles, the shepherds benefit the most due to the greatly increased demand for sheep and sheep products, a rising economic tide raises all boats, and even the traditional values they fear are disappearing are surprisingly mostly staying the same in the modernized nation, just in a new way.

Woolonia and its allies hope to continue to see progress. Freedemians are especially happy, as they were providing help and finances to fuel the rebuilding process and were greatly disappointed and perhaps at some points angry at the previous lack of progress.

This article came out of Woolport’s new Progress World Network-Woolonia affiliate with some information added from Freedemian PWN stations. PWN is proud to be bringing the same quality news from Woolonia you have come to expect for Freedemia.


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