Arthur Read Military Base Closing Decision reversed in light of recent threats

QUENTINSBURGH- Plans to close down Arthur Read Military Base and open up the land for private development have come to a halt as of Friday, as the Freedemian Legislature passed a law repealing the plan in light of recent threats by the Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels and a recent assassination attempt.

The original plan called for the air force base to be shut down March 1st and the rest to be shut down after Quentinsburgh hosts the 2016 Summer Pancontinental Games in the summer. However, while the new bill still shuts down the air force base, it keeps the base open as a ground forces hub to protect the nation’s capital, government officials and all residents and visitors to the city.

“We feel like this is the best choice for the safety of Quentinsburgh, our leaders and our people,” stated Cristina Garcia, current Speaker of the House of Equal Representation, a Quentins State Representative and member of the Freedemian Security Committee. “We apologize now to any military personnel for the confusion, and to all of the developers who had proceeded with creating plans.”

Most people are happy with the decision. “It makes me feel a little safer about things,” one woman who lives near the Capitol Mall stated. Another man, a tourist planning to come to the 2016 Geolympiad, said “It’s good to see safety being put before profits. I think it will be safer for the Games themself, too.” Even VP candidates Patrick Houser and Marco Nelson found a rare point of full agreement, saying together that both of them feel safer about being vice president knowing that there are huge precautions in place to keep them safe.

Most of these concerns stemmed from a recent failed assassination attempt on President Angela Rosenthal earlier this month. A Woolonian Traditionalist Rebel barely missed hitting the president with a poisoned dart. One different move by Ms. President would have been the difference between life and death.

Other implied threats have been received, though the WTR (the rebels) denounced the attack. The WTR has implied wanting to fight against Woolonia’s closest allies, of which Freedemia is chief, while taking down the formal organized Woolonian government.

Even though none of the other threats have actually been carried through, Freedemia has been on high alert as a precaution. It is expected that other changes will be made by the legislature in coming days to protect the nation and its leaders.


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