2016- a Mega Year for Megamer Games

TRENCHENT- Gamers are going to have a great year, especially Megamer fans. Megamer Games has declared 2016 the “MegaYear” due to all of the long awaited games coming out this year. Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest titles and the latest news that many are so excited about.

Snapster 3D Go!! 2
After over a decade of waiting, Snapster fans will get a sequel to Megamer’s earliest three dimensional video game. Snapster 3D Go!! was a an extremely popular game, and to date the only entirely 3D Snapster game. This new game will keep it looking classic, but with some smoother graphics. This new plot makes Snapster have to go through several three-dimensional levels somewhat inspired by levels in the first three. Very few details about the plot have been released, but the basics seem to be inspired by Snapster the Turtle and the Crystal Radish, except that Dr. Harebrain has stolen a very important invention from Snapster’s dad and infected all of his inventions with a virus so that Snapster could not stop his diabolical plans. Because of this, unlike most other Snapster games, Snapster needs to find parts to rebuild many of his dad’s inventions himself as he goes along.

One awesome thing Megamer released about the game is that it will feature deleted levels from Snapster 3D Go!!, but the thing gamers are super excited about is an easter egg hidden in the game- the original never-released game, Snapster’s Great Adventure!, will be hidden in one of the levels!! Nothing has been released about where in the game it will be hidden, but it’s been implied that it is hidden in a fast paced level in an easy to miss spot.

Snapster’s Great Adventure! was created about two years before the original Snapster the Turtle game. Almost no one outside of the original design team has ever played the game, and only a few screenshots were ever released. From what developers with Snapster Team told us in an interview, Snapster’s Great Adventure! did not include a clear explained plot like Snapster the Turtle did, and relied mainly on context. (For example, apparently the bad guy, now Dr. Harebrain, was shown taking Snapster’s dad away at the beginning, with no explanation of why, and Snapster didn’t have to use any inventions in the game because his dad wasn’t actually an inventor in the original version.)

“We would have just been putting out another lame Runnerdude with a different character and a different plot,” stated head developer of the original game, Tyrell Joseph McSilva. “No one would have cared, and Snapster would have been forgotten as that lame game that never caught on. But we recognized the potential the game had and realized we could do so much more with the idea. If we had released that first game, Megamer Games may not have made it to today. Snapster was what made us who we are today.”

Zoball- Level Up!!!

This game will be the third three-dimensional Zoball game, and will come after a long lapse between games. In this game, Zachary (Zoball when he’s not a human) sees his family taken  by an evil dictator. Zachary turns back into Zoball, knowing that it’s the only way to save his family. However, Zoball’s ball powers are at an all time low after the wizard turned him back into a human in game 1, as the ball power has been wearing off ever since he turned back. Unlike the original Zoball game and the other 2 Zoball 3D games, where Zoball is stuck as a ball and is trying to become a human again, Zoball has to constantly collect smaller balls to stay a ball, or else he will turn back into Zachary and be defeated in one hit.

TechSpy Agency- Operation Shutdown

The second completely three-dimensional TechSpy game to take place in Quentinsburgh, the entire main part of the city is rendered in the game, including the metro system, although only some buildings let you go in and real brands are substituted for fake ones. (A fake Glofish Maps app in the game called “Globird” will show you places you can go into.) For those of you who have never played a TechSpy Agency game, this is a huge deal. The last game, TechSpy Agency- Quentinsburgh Conundrum, which was still way better than any past games, only let you go places in downtown and central Quentinsburgh and into a few select buildings. This game renders everything within the inner loop U-104 and lets you go into almost every large supermarket, many businesses, etc. Even more, this game with its huge memory and labor-intensive three-dimensional graphics will be the most powerful ever made for a Megamer Console, using almost every bit of the memory and processing speed available.

“This is one of the reasons we transitioned to special USB drives from cartridges. They can hold the whole game far better and much more compact-ly than a bulky cartridge could. That and the fact that PC games can be played on the console too. But only a GameOne SuperNova is powerful enough to run this thing.”

The TechSpy 3D game series was made as a clean competitor for popular more violent city-based 3D games like City Cops and Great Theft Auto. This new game, coming this summer, will actually beat those competing games out of the park.

FutureCity Racing 3- WorldPrix

Megamer’s other most popular 3D game is also getting a remake. A new FutureCity Racing game comes out this summer as well, this time with fictional futuristic tracks from all over the world. It’s expected to be the best racing game on the market this year- besides Megamer Games’ own OGFIA 2016 (not to be confused with Red Circle Games’ OGFIFA 2016 Soccer). New jumps, crazy tracks and special checkpoints are new additions to the game.

Overall, it looks like 2016 may be the one year since 1990 where Megamer Games wins the console war hands down. The GameOne SuperNova may have come out in 2015, but these games will likely make it the most coveted console on the market.


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