Year of the environment in Kojo – Line 13&14 of Pyingshumanian metro expected to open soon!

-Pyingshum, Kippa

The metro network of Pyingshum, the largest city and capital of the Republic of Kojo, is about to grow even further with two additional lines expected to open in 2016. Fittingly, this year has been chosen by the Kojolese Theme-of-the-year-association to be known under the name “Year of the Environment” with the motto “From local to global – saving the planet for our children”, which is supposed to raise awareness for and point activism towards greenhouse gas emissions in general and global warming in particular.


The metro network has always played a major role in the history of the city, and when the two new lines enter operation there will have been a total of 5 new lines added to it since 1998. As Pyingshum continues to be the fastest growing city in Kojo by total numbers, ensuring the reliability and expanding the area covered by the metro network was not only necessary to prevent a rising numbers of cars on the already busy roads, but also to relax property prices in already well connected neighbourhoods.

Furthermore, with line 13 the southern far-distance railway station  Aku Dyanchezi finally is directly accessible via a third metro line. As the busiest railway station in the city it has proven to overload line 7 and especially line 1 during peak hours; in the future, the situation on its underground metro platforms will be much more relaxed.

The automated vehicles for both lines have already been delivered by a noted manufacturing company in the city of Kippa, about 150 km from Pyingshum.

The official opening is scheduled for the coming months.


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