Polls show unexpected shift, Houser at 42%, Nelson at 37%, Redsten drops to 21%

ANNEITASBURGH- A surprising shift in polls shows favorite Patrick Houser taking the lead for the first time, while Marco Nelson’s isolationist policies appealed more after recent events, bumping him up to second place. Redsten’s wholehearted embrace of supporting Woolonia hurt her greatly considering the recent assassination attempt on President Rosenthal by a Woolonian Rebel, and she dropped far behind into third.

Freedemia has been “Hoping for Houser” ever since Nelson began to drop in the polls in late January. He had been predicted to at least catch up to the first place leader, but hadn’t been expected to gain a strong lead this early on. However, strength in recent debates, a renewed focus on going green and a more moderate stance on isolationism where economic ties are embraced but alliances are avoided greatly helped Houser gain huge numbers of voters.

Freedemians’ attention was especially brought to climate change and going green after an unconventional speech at the Assembly of Nations by a representative of Telkhug Ēkdŭn, where the representative stripped to show the effects of climate change on the world. The videos of the strange speech went viral, and despite initial reactions, the public has embraced her message. Houser is the only candidate that emphasized his plans for climate change and the country continuing to go green.

Houser was also helped by the sad events of the attempted assassination of president Angela Rosenthal. Anne Redsten, originally the strong front runner, plummeted in the polls after basically saying that her response would be to strengthen ties with Woolonia against the traditionalist rebels. (In a pacifist isolationist nation, that’s not how you gain votes.) However, over half her voters went to Nelson, one who has been emphasizing isolationism from the beginning and kind of used the event as a tragic “I told you so” moment.

Houser has jumped to 42% in the polls, Nelson to 37%. Many are starting to count Redsten out considering how far she’s dropped (21%) and the fact that unlike Nelson and Houser, she has nearly nothing to give her a way to climb back.

Nelson’s biggest uphill battle will be convincing voters that his claims that he can keep President Rosenthal from making bad decisions is true, considering the fact he worked under the “worst president in Freedemian history” (by every poll for the past 20 years), “hated his policies” (Nelson’s speech in Franklinsburgh, 2/3/16) and couldn’t manage to stop any of it.

Redsten honestly seems to be realizing her chances just aren’t there anymore. In a discussion with PWN, she mentioned her sadness with the assassination attempt but said she understood is about the nation’s security at this point. She said she is honestly considering her chances, and may decide by the beginning of March whether to stay in the race. When asked who she would endorse if she left, she said “Well, I can’t say until I drop out- IF I drop out- but it wouldn’t be Nelson, I’ll say that.”

Which Nelson obviously wasn’t happy about.

If Redsten directs her votes to Houser, the election would be pretty much decided.

But either way, the grassroots movement that got the country Hoping for Houser has grown into the mainstream movement for the nation. One almost everyone except Marco Nelson can get behind.


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