Missionary group slaughtered in Udenarrat, up to 40 dead


KHAIWOON — KTV News has received reports that a group of up to 40 missionaries and support workers have been killed on the oceanic island of Udenarrat.

Part of a multi-faith mission, they landed on the island in mid-February and attempted to make contact with the islanders. As advised by health and safety officers in the network of international aid organisations, they set up a secure temporary camp in the north of the island. Four ex-special forces officers, former members of the Ionadàlban Guard, provided protection.

There have been recent reports of famine and malnutrition on the island and this mission was aimed at alleviating some of the hardship. The missionaries apparently offered gifts of food, clothing and medicine to the notoriously savage and previously un-contacted islanders. Satellite communication with the missionaries was received up to around three days ago, but nothing had been heard since.

Yesterday a small boat was found drifting around 300km north of the island by the Linkhai Anmap, a passing Khaiwoonese container ship. Rescued from the small boat were three men, thought to be Ingerish speaking. Their nationalities have not been released. It appears that two of the men later died on the vessel of de-hydration and physical injuries; the third man, thought to be a citizen of Gobrassanya, was airlifted to hospital by a special navy mission. He was able to communicate to the media that all of the missionaries on the island were killed in an attack by native tribes-people around two days ago. Bows and arrows as well as spears, blow darts and knives appear to have been used. The attack happened at night when the security guards in the camp were sleeping. He said there had been no previous threats of violence.

When questioned about the incident, a representative of the intelligence agency Telkhug Ēkdŭn, who are known to have an interest in the island said: ‘It is a savage island. The missionaries landed not far from an Araza settlement – that is not a sensible thing to do. Telkhug Ēkdŭn attempts to prevent people landing on the island for their own safety. We also condemn any attempt to contact the people of Udenarrat and we hope the members of the communities that these so-called missionaries came from pray that they have not inadvertently introduced any infectious diseases to the islanders who are so prone to them.” Condolences have been sent to the families.


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