Progress World Network buys Woolonian National Broadcasting, second major Freedemia-Woolonia media merger

WOOLPORT- Ever since the end of the socialist dictatorship-like period in the early 1980s, when it operated as part of the government owned Woolonian State Network, NWPE 35 (Woolport/Ewes) has been operating as a Woolonian National Broadcasting network, as had other major networks like NNWO 62 (New Wooley). However, after today’s merger, these channels will soon be affiliated with a different umbrella- Freedemia’s own Progress World Network.

This is the second recent major merger in the media industry involving a Freedemian and a Woolonian company. Last year, a merger between Freedemia’s Betterview Pictures and WoolMedia made headlines.

PWN, founded as Progress National Network only serving Freedemia, is now an international network, with stations and correspondents around the world. However, this merger is its first foothold this huge in any nation other than Freedemia.

“PWN is dedicated to providing the same quality broadcasting, programming and news attention to Woolonia as we do here in Freedemia.”

“This merger could very well be the best thing that has happened to WNB since we became privately owned and not state owned,” CEO Teresa Walters (WNB) stated in a press statement.

Well known WNB News at Night anchor Steven Carlemeinee had this to say: “I’m just happy all around, this opens up sorts of opportunities. We’re getting a new studio, better equipment, and my current job is becoming my dream job. I’m SUPER excited, I’ve always wanted to work for PWN. God works in mysterious ways.” He’ll continue to be the main anchor as he has for the last ten years, except this time for Progress World Evening News Woolonia.

This story was supposed to have been posted yesterday. However, the assassination attempt on President Rosenthal knocked this story out of the headlines.


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