BREAKING NEWS- Failed Assassination Attempt against Freedemian president Rosenthal, rogue Woolonian Rebel culprit, in custody

BREAKING NEWS OUT OF QUENTINSBURGH-  Just over an hour ago, a Woolonian Traditionalist Rebel attempted to assassinate President Angela Rosenthal at an event in Seven Point Park about the upcoming vice presidential election.

It was just a few minutes into her speech, ironically at a point about how national security had become an important part of the vice presidential election, when a small sharp object whizzed by the president’s head. It would later be found to be a blowdart, a poison blowdart to be specific. The dart’s tip was covered with a strong poison from the bia bia plant, showing that this was a type of dart commonly used by traditional farmers in Woolonia to kill wolves and other animals threatening their sheep. It seems the culprit wanted to make a point about how Freedemia’s close ties to the Woolonian government were threatening the “sheep” of the Woolonian Traditionalist Rebel movement, and that they would do whatever they had to to protect their “sheep”.

Shortly after the dart was discovered, Presidential Security agents rushed to protect the president and to catch the culprit. In only a few minutes, a woman with a blowdart shooter was arrested. As he was being dragged away, she yelled something like “Any ally of the Woolonian order is an enemy of the Traditionalist Movement!! You’re trying to force your defiled modern ways on us! You will suffer!! We will prevail!!!” before her mouth was covered by officers. It became very clear that the intent was to kill President Rosenthal, not to scare her.

The event ended very early, and the Freedemian government is on high alert. President Rosenthal is being very closely protected by the government after the event.

The news went viral instantly, and the Woolonian Traditionalist Rebels released a statement just minutes later, saying they did not condone the attempted assassination, as they saw it as senseless killing; however, they said they strongly supported the woman’s motive and would strongly support more peaceful forms of retaliation against Woolonia’s closest ally.

More news to come as we receive it. Stay tuned.


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