Redsten up, Nelson down, Houser gaining and Wooten-Whitaker out after humiliation, Pres. Rosenthal endorses Redsten’s experience, Houser’s ideas for next Freedemian VP

TRENCHENT- After yesterday’s debate, the race for Vice President of Freedemia has gotten a whole lot more competitive. However, it’s starting to look like against all odds, the country may actually end up “Hoping for Houser”.

PWN political analyzers summarized the current state of the race as “Marco Nelson fighting for continued customs (traditions, policies), Anne Redsten planning for continued constant cooperation, Patrick Houser showing courageous ideas for continued change, Diane Wooten-Whitaker continues campaign collapse, then quits”.

Former VP Nelson had another rough night. Focusing all his attention on a platform completely against most of Rosenthal’s policies and on the idea that Freedemia needs to return to a more isolationist policy, reducing trade and limiting international relations and ties, a Freedemian people thriving on newfound globalization is beginning to stray away from his policies. Angela Rosenthal is still widely seen as one of the best presidents in Freedemian history, generally 2 or 3. Nelson was vice president already under the least popular president in Freedemian history, Robert Kenderson, and was (while not part of it) engulfed in a Kenderson related scandal involving political corruption, unconstitutional political parties and embezzlement. For the first time, Nelson dropped to 2nd place in the race, according to a new poll, with 34% of the vote. His numbers continue to plummet.

Meanwhile, former VP Redsten finally broke over the top into first place with the debate and subsequent response. Redsten focused her attention to showing how well she did as vice president under Cara Harolds, often seen as the third best president after Rosenthal. She focused on her cooperation skills and how her and President Harolds were able to work out the kinks in several bills at one of the worst times in the nation’s history (as she subtlety called out the Kenderson-Nelson Administration, and how her and President Harolds had to undo everything Kenderson screwed up). In that same poll, Redsten had risen to 36% of the vote. President Rosenthal did commend Redsten on her record under President Harolds, saying it showed that she was one of the best at making bills happen she knows.

But the most surprising thing so far has been the amazing comeback mounted by underdog newscaster Patrick Houser, who has jumped from a distant third to a front runner (though still third). Marco Nelson’s floundering campaign lost many supporters to the “Hoping for Houser” movement. Houser’s original weaknesses had been his lack of experience and his lack of specifics. However, this time, Houser got specific. Houser hit strong on helping Freedemia continue to go green, with a renewed focus on green infrastructure and energy, public transit, rail, and rewarding companies who go green. Houser also gave ideas for further improving technological advancements in Freedemia. Houser even got specific enough that his healthcare plan was nicknamed “HouserHealth”. Houser wants to make education beyond high school and healthcare both need based pricing, where those who cannot pay to go can go for free while those who have large amounts of money would pay what they can.

Houser also got a huge boost in the polls after President Rosenthal commended him for his ideas after the debate, saying that he brings the same spunk and ideas that retired Vice President Tom Morganson brought to the Presidential Office. Houser managed to climb, starting at about 4%, then 9%. At this morning’s poll, over 29% of voters wanted Houser.

The biggest loser this election was Diane Wooten-Whitaker. Her humiliation last night on stage basically killed the tiny bit of life the campaign ever had. The 24 year old teacher and programmer with an oddly awkward and quirky personality struggled to be taken seriously, and while her policies on technology, education and innovation were good, they sort of got eclipsed by the similar but more visionary plans of Patrick Houser. That coupled with the fact no one knew who she was were the biggest issues facing the campaign- until yesterday’s debate.

Things went ever more horribly wrong that night during the debate. After having been on the campaign trail all day, traffic outside of Trenchent made it where they barely made it in time for the debate. Unfortunately for Wooten-Whitaker, she had been drinking a lot on the road, and didn’t have a chance to take a bathroom break before the debate started. The debate is known for having only one break, at the halfway point. Unfortunately, Diane didn’t make it to that point. At a question about a quarter of the way in, Wooten-Whitaker looked visibly disturbed, and seemed distracted, moving around awkwardly and making frantic glances at backstage. As the moderator began asking her about how her experience as a teacher qualified her for the job, she awkwardly interrupted. “Umm…could we, like, go to a commercial really quick? I really n-” to which the moderator responded with the expected “Let’s try to be professional about this, Ms. Wooten-Whitaker. You have 2 minutes to answer the question.” Long story short, Ms. Wooten-Whitaker would not make it, and found herself frantically blurting out her rushed response as quickly as possible, then jetting offstage to try and reach a bathroom.

Considering the entire incident was caught on camera, on live national television, in the middle of a vice presidential debate, and the fact that a humiliated Wooten-Whitaker would have to return to the stage and keep debating just moments after, still soaked and without a chance to change clothes, it was safe to say by the polls that the one percent of voters that had been planning on voting for her basically started “Hoping for Houser”, most looking for a more professional and prepared alternative. Shortly after discovering that new polls put her at a pitiful 0.025% of the vote (about only 1250 people in a country of about 50 million), an embarrassed yet surprisingly optimistic Wooten-Whitaker quit the race altogether, endorsing Houser.

“Well, there’s always 2018, right? At least I’ll finally be a household name…heh heh…sigh”, she said with a face palm in an interview with PWN just minutes after her announcement to quit the race. Which is definitely a true statement, as she’s  had quite her share of memes made up and funny posts about what happened in that debate, even with dashtags #bladdergate and #readyforredsten,wettyforwootenwhitaker trending on Tweetbook. Tweetbook is working now to take down any truly mean or hurtful posts.

However, it’s beginning to look like underdog newscaster Patrick Houser may have just found the perfect storm. With Nelson plummeting, Redsten somewhat steady, Wooten-Whitaker out of the race, the support of President Rosenthal and a huge “Hoping for Houser” grassroots movement growing and snowballing, Houser may actually have the strongest chance to become VP if the trend continues.

Another strong point for Houser was when he was asked a similar question to what moderators asked Diane- “Both Nelson and Redsten have already been Vice President before. How does your experience as a newscaster prepare you to be vice president ?” By the looks on their faces, it appeared that Nelson and Redsten expected that question to be what tripped Houser up for good. They were to be surprised. Houser talked about how working as a head newscaster at one of the best news stations in the country, as well as being the head political commenter for the station and a consultant on foreign policy for the PWN network’s Progress World Evening News, required him to stay up to date and well informed about all sorts of political issues, as well as on foreign policy, as to not misinform the public. He also pointed out that besides his degree in journalism, he had also been a political science major at Read University in Quentinsburgh. Houser even put in a little friendly jab at Marco Nelson, saying “Hey, I know enough about foreign policy to see when something puts us at risk. I’ll act accordingly. But that doesn’t mean the country should give up all of the progress and success and economic viability that globalization has blessed us with!!” Nelson was fuming, but when given a chance to respond seemed too shocked to know what to say. Redsten seemed pleasantly surprised.

PWN analysts have said based off of today’s poll numbers, they expect a very close race between Redsten and Houser. However, they also added in that if some large foreign policy incident flared up in the next few days or anytime before the election, it could end up being Nelson versus Houser, as Redsten seemed more in favor of more ties with more nations.


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