Maydien’s ban on Commonian imports goes into effect amid poor-quality product concerns

Maydien City (MBS News Now) – It is been more than six months since Belphenia outlawed Commonian imports due to lead concerns in July 2015, the government of the Territory of Maydien decided that the nation is banning all imports made from Commonia.

“We saw Belphenia banned Commonian products in the past over lead concerns, and now it’s Maydien’s turn now to ban the imports from Commonia. These products made in Commonia are known to be cheap, and break apart. And they also smell and look messy”, said Sadie Bell, a south Maydien City PVC figure dealer who sells anime figures. “I wish the time will come to put an end on products made from Commonia, and it’s already here… no more Commonian imports, ever”, she continued.

In Grayldan, anime fans were pleased with the total ban on Commonian products in Maydien, basically looking forward to collecting new figures, and this time, will be products made and imported from Belphenia. “I think, next time at the Maydien Anime Festival, they will stop selling anime figures that has the Made in Commonia on it. When anyone sell PVC products from Commonia, like bootleg anime figures, they’re not supporting the anime industry in Belphenia. It only hurts the industry, and the eople who are buying bootlegs are supporting the criminals and not the original creators of anime. If anyone wants a PVC anime figure, buy those products that are made in Belphenia”, said one convention goer who talked to our MBS News Now reporter Stacy Kensinger.

In Neadia, consumers campaigned against the importing of Commonian goods into Maydien through social media.

But the consumers in Hendade had been complaining about the decline of quality in toys, home decorations, lighting products, televisions, laptop computers, and video game consoles between 2014 and 2015. Retailers said they had been refusing selling Commonian-made products in protest due to “safety concerns among our customers”, and they had been warning their customers about the recall on products made in Commonia. In a report by the Maydien Association of Retailers, at least 30,000 products have been recalled between September 2014 and November 2015, thus prompted a Shannon lawmaker creating the ban one month later in December.

In January 2016, the Maydieni Supreme Court deemed all products made in Commonia “unsafe and hazardous”, and approved the ban. It was later signed by the Prime Minister on January 25, and the ban went into effect on February 12.


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