Nelson emphasizes isolationism and individuality, Redsten emphasizes cooperation and legacy in Freedemian VP election race

FORT ELWOOD- In the first ever Vice Presidential campaign in Freedemian history, two main candidates dominate the field. One emphasizes their differences from the current president and the ability to balance out the executive branch, while the other emphasizes cooperation and believes she’s the best match. The former is Poplator Marco Nelson, and the latter is former VP Anne Redsten.

Marco Nelson has taken a very bold approach. Nelson actually used the unexpected 2016 vice presidential bid as an opportunity to launch his 2018 presidential bid. In fact, his signs and campaign logos read “Marco Nelson, Leadership Today and Tomorrow, VP 2016, President 2018”. Nelson is trying strongly to distinguish himself early, and with now-former vice pres Morganson not running again, he is expected to have a strong shot at at least Vice President in 2018, since the runner up in the presidential race becomes VP. 

“If I become Vice President, I’ll work with Ms. President closely, and our different views and policies will help balance each other out. I would love to cooperate with her. But that’s not stopping me from running against her.”

Nelson’s strong spot in his platform is his isolationist policies. While Freedemia has always been a pacifist isolationist nation, some of Rosenthal’s actions, such as extremely close ties with Woolonia and opening a Goytakanyan embassy, have many Freedemians fearing that if something major were to happen, the nation could get sucked into it.

“I appreciate President Rosenthal’s leadership, but quite frankly, some of her foreign policy decisions have put us in some real danger! Opening that embassy in Goytakanya was taking a side in one of the largest most threatening conflicts today. Woolonia is still unstable from a civil war, and there are still rebels trying to take down their organized government. If something was to happen there right now, we would be forced into the first war in Freedemian history. We may have a wonderful highly trained capable military, but the idea is we don’t want to have to use it!” Nelson stated at an event in Fort Elwood in his home state of Reeds. “I am a proud isolationist. Trade is integral. Governmental alliances with unstable nations are not.”

At the onslaught of the Suvuma-Goytakanyan conflict, when it was still huge in the news daily, Marco Nelson was feeding off of the nation’s concerns to gain support. As the conflict, for the time being, appears to have settled down, and as Rosenthal’s approval rating has rebounded slightly, Nelson is quite a bit farther back than he used to be. Once with a huge almost 30% lead, Nelson now has about 47% of the vote for Vice President in a poll released by PWN today.

However, a lot of his fire has been stolen by his biggest competitor, former Vice President Ann Redsten. Currently with 43% support, and gaining, quickly for that matter, Redsten has one huge advantage- having already been Vice President under one of the most successful presidents, Cara Harolds. “The last ten years have been amazing for this country! With President Harolds, we managed to pull ourselves out of the hole created by two back to back corrupt presidents! We’ve reached a point in our nation’s history where because of the leadership of me, former President Harolds, President Rosenthal and former VP Morganson, we’re now thriving in almost every way. I am the perfect one to continue this legacy. I’m great at cooperating and working with amazing people like President Rosenthal. I mean, I’ve already proven it.” Redsten’s signs read “Anne Redsten VP 2016- Ready to continue the Freedemian legacy”. Former President Harolds has already endorsed Redsten for VP, saying she believes Rosenthal and Redsten would be the perfect match.

Redsten stated at an event in Savvenahsburgh recently that she probably will run in 2018, but with the goal of staying (or becoming if she loses this mini-election) Vice President under Rosenthal again.

Both Redsten and Nelson, and Rosethal as well for that matter, are somewhat young for such a position. Rosenthal is only 28, Redsten 35 and Nelson is the oldest of the three at 42. 

The Freedemian Funding Party made the decision that since there will be less then half a term left after the election, this mini-term will not count as a term when considering term limits. 

Candidate Patrick Houser, a newscaster from popular PWN network KFRA 10 in Franklinsburgh, is the third candidate for vice president, with about 9% of the vote. A local favorite, he explained that while he would love to have a comeback in this election, he is also hoping for name recognition when he runs for president for 2018. His developing platform focuses more on presidential plans and important topics rather than his personal qualifications. He emphasizes transportation infrastructure, education, and healthcare, three things already making huge strides in the Rosenthal administration; however, like Nelson, he encourages not moving too fast with foreign policy. “Even a good decision made hastily could be a bad decision in the long run. We need to make sure that while we promote peace worldwide, that we’re promoting safety and peace here at home”.

The “Hoping for Houser” movement is growing as well, largely taking votes from Marco Nelson. However, it remains unknown whether he is gaining fast enough to have a chance in this election. In 2018, however, he will have a much stronger chance.

Candidate Diane Wooten-Whitaker, a teacher and programmer in Graham City, put all her attention into education and technology, saying she understands how important they are to a nation surviving and economically thriving. She has about 0.92% of the vote.


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