Belphenian ceremonial leader, prime minister ends their 10-day Latina tour

Remiville (Sakura News Center) – The 10-day tour across Latina came to an end for the two Belphenian leaders, Reiko and Erza Beard.

On the morning of Friday, January 22, Belphenia’s ceremonial leader Reiko Beard and Prime Minister Erza Beard arrived in Topahappan and greeted more Latinians during their last day of the Latina tour and left the city on Saturday afternoon to Latina International Airport back home to Belphenia. “Latina is great. We have a wonderful time being here to see new things here. But it is time for,me and my sister Erza to say goodbye to our nakama (friends) here in Latina and head back home to Remiville in Belphenia. On behalf of the people of the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia, we would like to thank you for welcoming us to this country. I am very satisfied with our tour in Latina”, Reiko said.

“Maybe someday, we would like to go back to visit Latina again on our next tour sometime in the future because they are a peaceful, strong country. And as we left the airport and headed out back to Belphenia in southeastern Uletha and landed there in Remiville, we got word that Princess Gertrude of Maydien wanted to see Reiko in Zerephine City, and Maydien’s royal family, and Erzaleria’s Mahoe ‘Aukai will go on their tour across Belphenia during the Great Heart months of Abiesa and Makegami, which it is between late January and early March. And as for our Latina tour, it was the best tour we had and are satisfied with it”, Erza said.

At Remiville International Airport, the two leaders made it back home safely without any problems as their Latina tour came to the end.

Belphenia and Latina has embassies already built in the two countries and has diplomatic relations with each other since 2014.


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