Vienna to Allow Foreign Developers

FLINTSVILLE, NV – President Volkman signed new legislation this afternoon that overhauls the country’s zoning and building regulations. The Domestic Commerce and Foreign Investment Act of 2016 establishes a nationalized zoning system and helps to reorganize the nation’s building codes. The new standardized code of zones are listed:


R1- Single Family Detached (Standard Homes)

R2- 2-6 Unit Multifamily Detached (Condos, Apartments, Townhomes)

R3- Single Family Attached (Rowhomes and similar structures)

R4- 2-6 Unit Multifamily Attached (Connected Apartment Buildings/Condos, etc.)

R5- High Rise Residential


C1- Low Density Commercial

C2- Financial Services (Banks, Loan Offices, Pawn Shops)

C3- Automotive (Dealerships, Mechanics)

C4- Lodging (Hotels, Motels, Bed and Breakfasts, etc)

C5- Petroleum Services (Gas Stations, Propane distribution, etc)

C6- Large Format Food/Retail (Grocery, Supermarkets, ‘Big Box’)

C7- Restaurants

C8- General Commercial Offices

C9- Adult Entertainment (Bars, Nightclubs)


I1- Warehouse Industrial

I2- Low Profile Manufacturing

I3- High Profile Manufacturing

I4- Mills

I5- High Polluting Industrial


A- Amusement (Theme Parks, Mini-Golf, Aquariums, Zoos, etc.)

E- Educational Services (Private Schools/Universities, Libraries, Museums, etc)

M- Medical

MO- Medical Offices (Non-Patient Handling)

MP- Medical, Patient Handling (Clinics, Outpatient Services, etc.)

P- Parks

S- Sports (Stadiums, Gyms, Health Centers)

T- Theaters/Cinemas

A major goal of the Commerce and Investment Act is to open Vienna to prospective developers from around the world. Volkman pushed hard for tighter regulations on foreign developers so as to create a positive and productive working relationship.

In a test, the government has decided to tentatively allow developers access in the Flintsville area of North Vienna. In order to get a building permit, developers must apply to the government. Currently, access is being granted ONLY to the area surrounded by SR 231 (Warehouse Road), PR 79, and Hospital Road. Also, a portion of land between State Road 4 and PR 79 has been added. Labels have been added showing what zone individual lots/areas are. Large lots are able to be subdivided. Within the city of Flintsville, unlabeled lots are Residential R1 and are also open for developers.

When applying for a building permit, applicants must describe what they intend to build. Zones may be modified to accommodate a new development, but shall be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Adjacent lots may be acquired.

No Driveways will be allowed on roads with a speed limit OVER 55 Miles Per Hour.

Any new roads must be approved by the Government. New roads MUST be named.


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