Belphenian leaders visits central Latina, unaware of the ‘Resurgence of a Fateful Day’ controversy in Belphenia

Scippo, Latina (Sakura News Center, Remiville, Belphenia) – Latinians in central Latina gets their chance to see the Belphenian leaders Reiko and Erza Beard for their first time in Redondo and Scippo as their 10-day tour is about to come to a close.

Unaware of the pop song controversy taking place in Belphenia, Reiko and Erza Beard left Gentofte Sunday and arrived in Redondo. While visiting Lake Redondo, the two Belphenian leaders took photographs of themselves and the scenic views of the lake and visited more landmarks and tourist-designated areas across the city.

But when the Prime Minister of Belphenia started practicing speaking Latinian, Justin Kernwell of the Belphenia Secretive Protection Force, informed Erza that there is an outrage from samurai, pirates, families, and victims of the Battle of Shirahoshi about pop singer Araki Isono’s latest single, “The Resurgence of a Fateful Day”, is becoming a serious concern on social media and broadcasting in Belphenia. The prime minister was unaware of what is taking place in Belphenia over Araki Isono and her latest single being released on social media.

She had to stop learning her new language and asked her sister Reiko about what is going on in the theocratic nation. Before Reiko Beard, Belphenia’s ceremonial leader, starts listening to the radio, she told her about a song called the “Resurgence of a Fateful Day” on social media. Reiko then does not know what the Belphenian song is about, the two Beards  dismissed the conversation and continued focusing on their tour. “My sister Reiko and I went to Redondo to visit more historic places, and many landmarks including Lake Redondo. And now, this ‘Resurgence of a Fateful Day’ stuff is circulating all over social media. We don’t know what is going on with Araki Isono in Belphenia…”, the prime minister said while talking to the ceremonial leader on their way to Scippo.

On Tuesday, they arrived in Scippo were they were greeted by Latinians at a tourist-designated area in the city’s historic district. She and her sister visit more landmarks and had been taking pictures of the scenery and the cityscape, and buying Latinian souvenirs. But when they stayed at a hotel there in the evening, Reiko turned on the world news and saw a news report from Belphenia about a controversial pop singer posted her latest single on the Internet.

“I am shocked, and offended by what my favorite Flying Petals singer Araki Isono said. This is unloving, unfriendly, and most of all, offensive. This is something that a Belphenian must not to say these cruel lyrics to our warriors, families, and victims of the Battle of Shirahoshi”, Reiko said in disgust and changed the channel to a local news station.

On the morning of Thursday, the two leaders packed up their bags and left the hotel on their way to Topahappan, as their 10-day tour comes to a conclusion.

The national news outlets in Belphenia and Latina had been reporting about the tour since Reiko and Erza arrived in the peaceful nation on January 13. The two leaders will leave Latina in the evening on January 23 and return home to Belphenia on January 24.


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