Laneston, Vandover, taking cues from Quentinsburgh to embrace rapid growth and tourist boom

VANDOVER- A large metropolitan area in Western Freedemia experiences explosive population growth, a boom in tourism, and a huge number of transportation improvements. Sounds like Quentinsburgh, right?

Think again.

This time, it’s the Laneston/Vandover metropolitan area following in Quentinsburgh’s footsteps. A number of successes have made the area home to the next big boom. After Freedemia’s somewhat recent passage of a nudist/naturist rights amendment, the Laneston/Vandover area emerged as the naturism capital of the world, largely due to its hot equatorial location, its beautiful beaches and parks, and its years of naturist culture, finally allowed to flourish on the world stage. Its recent recognition led to a huge increase in popularity, bringing in thousands of tourists already, and a huge increase in population as many chose to make the move. The movie industry in the area is looking good as well, as Laneston’s Betterview Pictures (based out of now world famous Lollywood) gains world recognition like never before. It appears the world is finally taking wholesome entertainment seriously. The arts scene in the two cities, especially naturist art and performances, is booming as much as Quentinsburgh’s,  although in a different way. The Laneston/Vandover area is seen as Freedemia’s little slice of paradise, and as a place with huge culture in the arts, movies and cinema and in naturism, huge growth in all three areas is leading to a growth in popularity.

Since 2014 Laneston grew to over 2 million, Vandover to about 1.3 million (the population Laneston had back in 2013). The boom was so quick that city leaders almost can’t keep up.

Quentinsburgh has in many ways, paved the way for the success of other Freedemian cities like Laneston and Vandover. Ten years ago, Freedemia was not very much a global country. As an isolated nation, in location and in policy, few really saw it as an important player in an international economy and political plane. However, over the last decade and under Angela Rosenthal’s presidency especially, Quentinsburgh led the way for Freedemia to make it to a global level of high esteem, culminating with winning the bid for the 2016 Summer Pancontinental Games.

The huge growth in tourism and population has caused a need for better infrastructure and transit, something the Reeds Department of Transportation (RDOT) and Vandover and Urban Laneston Transit (VAULT) are taking great advantage of. With a new subway addition to the Laneston/Vandover Elevated Metro and a BRT in planning, transit is going to a new level in the city.  Freeway improvements are coming in the near future.

Shipping and industry out of Laneston Harbor is growing as well- Once again, as Freedemian trade thrives, harbor cities, especially Quentinsburgh and Laneston, grow and thrive as well. 

Even FreedemiAir is really looking at Laneston/Vandover more seriously- Vandover-Lanston International Airport is soon going to begin having intercontinental flights, especially to the largest major cities (FreedemiAir plans to especially focus flights to very cold cities due to the potential for naturist tourism for the humid region.)

Freedemia as a whole is on a world stage like never before. And cities like Laneston, Vandover, and Quentinsburgh are seeing amazing results.


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