Battle of Shirahoshi warriors, victims, families wants Isono’s controversial song be deleted from social media, television and radio

Shirahoshi (Belphenia State Television) – Families, victims, and warriors of the Battle of Shirahoshi are calling the Government of Belphenia to have Araki Isono’s controversial pop single “The Resurgence of a Fateful Day” pulled from all Belphenian terrestrial television, radio, and social media. But after the release, they struggled to get the Belphenia Radio and Telecommunications Council (BRTC) to have the controversial song deleted.

Michihiro Handa, a samurai who lost his cousin in the fourth stage of the war in June 2013, felt offended by what Araki Isono of Flying Petals said in the song lyrics while he was driving on National Route 100 (BR 100) on his way to Satsumina, Sakura. “I was driving down the interstate while listening to the radio, when one of the stations in Three Boundaries played a song where a female singer said ‘the samurai are weak, pirates are trash’, and everything. It sounded like Kaiya Osada went on a rampage about the Battle of Shirahoshi and I lost my cousin in the war’s fourth stage and it offends me to no end”, he said while he talked to ETBR-TV’s Masumi Yamaguchi of News Center 27 in Satsumina.

In the prefecture of Shovelmage, Yoshi Furutani, a news anchor from TV Sakura’s local affiliate ESMG-TV launched a media campaign against Isono and her latest single, trying to gain the attention of the Associates of Shovelmage. “It is very sad that Shovelmage’s very own popular singer, Araki Isono, had offended not just Shovelmagers, but to the warriors and families of the Battle of Shirahoshi and many Belphenians. The leader of Shovelmage also banned the controversial song off from all local airwaves, and blocked access through social media to protect its citizens across Ember Valley. From the time being, on behalf of the Shovelmage prefecture government, we are airing public service announcements on all local television stations to ensure that we want to make sure the Battle of Shirahoshi Warriors, families, and victims stand together to have the Resurgence of a Fateful Day deleted”, she said.

Atsumori Sadow, a Battle of Shirahoshi victim and news anchor of Angel’s local affiliate BUDR-TV in Udrogoth, Astigoth Prefecture, became furious and walked off the anchor desk while the station’s newscast is still on the air before a live shot. “We begin tonight on News Horizon 42 with tonight’s top story, Araki Isono, a Shovelmage pop singer and member of Flying Petals, released a controversial single that many Battle of Shirahoshi warriors, families, and victims find it offensive. News Horizon 42’s Mihoko Nakamura is live at Udrogoth’s Getwell district where people are asking for refunds– How would my favorite singer DID THIS!!!” He said during the beginning of the station’s 11:00pm newscast, and after the commercial break, he returned to the anchor desk and calmed down.

In Munster, the South Loshire state government had been warning local Battle of Shirahoshi warriors and victims about Isono’s latest, and controversial single, “The Resurgence of a Fateful Day” being played on radio stations across the city. In Strongwyn, Astigoth, local residents warned Sosuke Takeshita, a Battle of Shirahoshi warrior, to avoid buying the latest copy of Isono’s single and call the BRTC instead.

The BRTC and the Internet Council will decide whether if they will pull Isono’s latest single off from Belphenian airwaves and the Internet under the request of warriors, victims, and families of the Battle of Shirahoshi. The National Association of Merchants and Retailers said the retailers had stopped all shipments carrying Isono’s controversial single.


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