Belphenian pop singer Araki Isono calls Battle of Shirahoshi Warriors ‘weak’ in her latest single, “The Resurgence of a Fateful Day”, causes outrage on social media

Calumet City (Sakura News Center) – Many B-pop bands, and the Battle of Shirahoshi families, victims, samurai and pirates started filing complaints to the Belphenia Radio and Telecommunications Council about a Belphenian pop song that was played on national Top-40 radio, because of an offensive part of the lyrics from a member of a popular girl band based from the prefecture of Edaleria who sang her solo song, “The Resurgence of a Fateful Day”.

Araki Isono, 19, a Belphenian pop singer and member of the popular girl band Flying Petals, is under fire for singing an offensive part of the song lyrics and calling the samurai and pirates who were involved in the Battle of Shirahoshi weak. One pirate from Yaelian Prefecture said on social media that “the song is so bad, that she offended many Battle of Shirahoshi Warriors, families and victims”. “Isono does not deserve to stay with Flying Petals because she is nothing but controversy, only to offend the warriors of the Battle of Shirahoshi. Why did she make a song that is offensive to the samurai and the pirates who liberated us from Volkman… What have she done this time!” Anzai Inokawa, a member of Flying Petals said and broke down to tears when she watched the story about Isono’s latest single on our local TV Sakura affiliate BNDL-TV in Zeref.

In Beauregard, Edaleria, the samurai were angry when a local radio station played Isono’s song on Saturday. The samurai, even the city’s mayor had to resort to legal remedies with the BRTC to have the song pulled from airwaves because of the lyrics Isono was singing offended the warriors, victims, and families of the Battle of Shirahoshi.

In the music video, Isono portrayed as a homeless girl named Sarenna with her clothing ripped apart and sang the lyrics, while looking at the pirates letting one Volkman supporter and a Battle of Shirahoshi Warrior to begin a relationship across the Shirahoshi River. What you’re about to see are offensive. “For the last time, the pirate will live together with the comrade along the Shirahoshi… and he killed her, where the samurai across the river start to get frowned up and said ‘I’m supporting you all'”, Isono said when she was singing the lyrics and then, she rages. “You’re weak! The samurai are weak! The pirates are trash i*******! The elite are weak! YOU’RE ALL WEAK!!!” Then, in the video’s postlude ending, she finds a broken time machine and travels to the year 1538, and walks up to Elena Heartfilia, the founder of the original Belphenia who died in 1602 and made her cry by using expletives referring to words that describe torture. “I really hope you will suffer the consequences of being weak and pathetically ridiculous, you Nydigolithian ******!”

“That time travel scene… oh for the love of Great Heart! I can’t believe Araki Isono said that”, Taketsu Buehler, a female lead singer of Ararina saw the video on social media in disgust and flagged the video as offensive and logged out.

Belphenia’s popular pop bands Shadow’s Miracle, Distant Horizons, Ararina, SHN32, and the Angels of Seraphina took the matter to social media asking Isono to apologize to the families, victims, and warriors of the Battle of Shirahoshi through social media, national news outlets including Sakura News Center and state media for singing the lyrics that offended the samurai and pirates.

Guilds in the states of Shirahoshi and Sakura want Araki Isono expelled from Flying Petals and have the controversial song be pulled from social media and Belphenian airwaves including local and national television.


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