Belphenian leaders starts their 10-day tour across Latina

Latina City, Latina (Sakura News Center – Remiville, Belphenia) – Reiko Beard, Belphenia’s ceremonial leader and Erza Beard, the nation’s prime minister, had started their 10-day tour in Latina since January 13 after arriving at Latina International Airport in Latina City. The two leaders will visit cities across Latina during the tour.

On the morning of January 14, the two leaders were escorted by motorcade from the airport to the Embassy of Belphenia in Latina City to get ready for the tour and met new people at the embassy. Erza Beard, Prime Minister of Belphenia, greeted new people along with Reiko before the start of the tour. “This is our first time being here in Latina. The Latinians are very nice people, so me and Reiko got a chance to meet them before we leave the Embassy of Belphenia to Du Bois to see landmarks and historic places, so my sister made me take a break from the ongoing, Goytakano refugee situation in Zerephine City”, the prime minister said before traveling to Du Bois.

“Latina is really nice, it is a strong country involving a peaceful environment. Their citizens, their places, and the nation, it is peaceful. This is something Belphenians really love”, the ceremonial leader said while she prepared for the journey to Du Bois and left the Belphenian embassy with her sister.

Reiko and Erza embarked on the five hour trip to Du Bois and sees streetcars driving on the streets and plenty of historic landmarks across the city, including visiting the Old Yewish Quarter and the Old Romantic Quarter where they greet more Latinians during the tour. “It’s amazing in Du Bois, just like Latina City. We got a chance to see the streetcars and historic landmarks too”, Reiko said. “The city of Du Bois looks great. There are interesting, historic landmarks here in this place. When we get to Gentofte on January 16, we will see more of them”, Erza said.

The two Belphenian leaders are expecting to arrive in Gentofte on Saturday during their 10-day tour.


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