Belphenia ceremonial leader and prime minister to visit Latina for their 10-day tour

Remiville (Belphenia State Television, Sakura News Center) – Belphenian ceremonial leader Reiko Beard and Prime Minister Erza Beard will embark on their first tour to Latina since the prime minister’s frustration over the crisis involving Goytakanyo refugees living in Zerephine City.

“It’s time for my sister Erza to get out of Belphenia and to see things anew in the future, which it is good for her to relieve stress from herself. And before we go to Latina on our 10-day tour, we must bring our Endless Wind symbols with us, but the swords will stay here in Remiville, before we leave the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia”, Reiko Beard, the nation’s ceremonial leader, said at her sword naming ceremony in Diamond Moon, Sakura. She recently named her swords Ryukimi, Katsuhime, and Sageralia at the ceremony and left the swords at her home at her will under the Battle of Shirahoshi Warrior Act of 2011, before she prepared for her first trip to Latina.

“Their trip to Latina will benefit both the First Leader and the Prime Minister in a happy occasion since the beginning of the Moka period”, Aoi Himure, a member of the Workers’ Party of Belphenia said.

According to the samurai and Great Heart’s religious police at Remiville International Airport, they said that the two Beards are wearing their Endless Wind symbols on their clothes and are “ready to go”.

“I can see they are seeing things new like seeing new people, landmarks, tourism, and recreational activities in front of them when they get there to Latina safely”, said Masahide Shiroma, Belphenia’s deputy prime minister.

This is the first time the two Beards will visit Latina. The leaders will leave Remiville International Airport Wednesday morning at 2:30am to begin their 10-day tour to Latina.


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