Surprise Election for new Vice President of Freedemia, Morganson announced resignation

QUENTINSBURGH- A huge out of the blue campaign is now being mounted to fill the second most powerful position in the Freedemian government.

Tom Morganson shocked Freedemia yesterday evening when he announced that he would be resigning his position as the vice president of Freedemia. Morganson said he was getting older and wanted to spend more time with his family, especially after receiving the terrible news that his granddaughter Diane had brain cancer. Due to early detection she is expected to survive and recover, but still the news was enough to make Morganson retire two years early.

Campaigns will be funded by the Freedemian Funding Party as if they were normal presidential campaigns.

2014 third place candidate Marco Nelson is mounting an amazingly strong campaign for VP, believing that with Rosenthal already in office and Morganson out of the running, that he has the strongest shot of any candidate. In fact, in 2014, Marco Nelson had a low 12% of the vote behind Rosenthal (40%) and Morganson (41%), but led candidates like Ann Redsten by almost 10%. A poll done today puts Nelson with 64% of the vice presidential vote. Nelson’s recent clearing in the Graham-Kenderson corruption scandal helped him a lot as well. Nelson seems to be trying to use recent weaknesses on Rosenthal’s end, as well as his shot at becoming VP, as a springboard to try and win the 2018 election against Rosenthal. However, in an interview, Nelson guaranteed that he truly respects Rosenthal and would be glad to cooperate with her as vice president.

If Nelson is chosen, his policies tend to be a little bit different than Rosenthal’s. Cooperation would likely not be as smooth as between Morganson and Rosenthal.

Ann Redsten is trying again after being the VP in 2006, and currently has about 21% voter support. She is hoping to appeal to the concept of another all female presidency, which only happened once before when Redsten was VP. She also cites her expertise with being a Poplator in Quentins State.

The FFP is setting the election for the second Monday in April to try and avoid going too long without a vice president. Currently, Secretary of Domestic Security Gerry Wu is filling that position.

Realistically, Nelson could actually have a chance against Rosenthal in 2018, especially in a final runoff. While her approval has slightly rebounded, Rosenthal’s reactions to the Suvuma/Goytakanya conflicts hurt her approval greatly. If trends continue downwards, by 2018 Nelson could have a strong chance.


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