Oil leak, accidents, fire, shut down U-7 near Northcross

NORTHCROSS, FREEDEMIA- An oil leak and a related fire caused a terrible accident on U-7 this morning, shutting down the road in both directions.

A ThreeStar Fuel truck began leaking oil at about 10:24am driving southwestbound on U-7 just south of exit 20. It appears the durability of the tank had been compromised in a minor accident the month before. Around Exit 18 the tank ruptured and oil leaked out onto the freeway. Another eighteen wheeler lost control, and as the driver jumped out of the truck safely the trailer overturned, igniting the oil. A fire spread across both sides of the freeway. Luckily, there was not a huge amount of traffic at the time, and no one died in the incident (though there were several minor injuries). The road was shut down as fire crews attempted to put out the fire. Cleanup and road repairs are finishing up. The road is expected to reopen tomorrow morning.

Until the road reopens, drivers are being rerouted through Northcross by way of exits 20 and 16. Drivers on the U-204 should use exit 14 (on the U-204) to get to the U-7.

ThreeStar Fuel apologized for the incident and has created new precautions with their gasoline and oil trucks to avoid experiencing this problem again in the future.


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