Arthur Read Air Force Base to close, planes and soldiers to relocate to Fort Franklin

QUENTINSBURGH- Southeast Quentinsburgh may soon have done brand new open land ripe for development. The Freedemian government announced today that to cut costs and better protect the nation, Quentinsburgh’s Arthur Read Air Force Base will close in August of this year, after the 2016 Summer Geolympiad. Planes and all units will be relocated to Fort Franklin Military Base in Tortoise Grove.

Most of the larger units will have already been relocated to Fort Franklin by the Geolympiad. However, due to its location perfectly between the Geolympiad Complex and Sean Bond International Airport,  the base will be kept open through the summer to act as a center of defense for the Pancontinental Games.

The government insists that this will not harm the Quentinsburgh area at all, as all units will be transferred and the base is still in state. Soldiers and their families will be offered housing on base, and QUARTA is looking into improving transit connections to Tortoise Grove. The government also makes it clear that this is a better decision for the safety of the nation, as Fort Franklin is much better suited for large scale defense. Since it is on U-12, if needed troops can quickly reach Quentinsburgh or other major cities like Trenchent.

The government apologized for any inconvenience to soldiers and their families the move  caused.

The land of the Arthur Read Air Force base will mostly be ceded to the city of Quentinsburgh. This creates huge potential for new development, as Quentinsburgh is likely to sell to private developers. Airport expansion may also be part of the land use.

Arthur Read Air Force Base started off as a small airstrip that once acted as the area’s airport. It was bought by the government after the building of Sean Bond International Airport.


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