Blizzard, high winds, ice storm blamed for fatal crashes and power outages; State of emergency declared in Fallbellia, Meredy, Mission Valley, and Sakura

Magehaven (Sakura News Center) – As many locations across the states of Sakura, the Plains of Starryhaven, and southern parts of Northwest Belphenia dig out from their first blizzard, two ice storms leaves Meredy, Fallbellia, and Sakura prefectures in a blanket of ice and widespread power outages in central Belphenia.

The ice storm also caused a number of freeway closures across Remiville and Magehaven when the first ice storm bought rain and snow that led to a massive pileup on Interstate 57 (B 57) in Magehaven killing seven people. In Sephora, a bus and an 18-wheeler were blown off by dangerous wind gusts on a bridge carrying National Route 60 during heavy snowfall, killing a passenger of the 18-wheeler, and 27 people including the bus driver and the driver of the truck were injured. In Hardovia, Gina Mell, a guild master of Hardovia Syndicate, used social media and told people to stay off the roads.

Kyousuke Akameni, a Great Heartist, state leader, and leader of the Ten Shimatsume of Ryushime, declared a state of emergency for the entire state of Sakura. In Remiville’s Scarlet Heart district, at least four electricity pylons near the Scarlet Heart substation collapsed due to the weight of the ice, causing a number of widespread power outages across the city, according to Espco Energy. Residents are advised to use solar power until the power is restored, but Espco Energy is advised by the International Council on Solar Energy that they must let residents use solar power and offer free household solar panel installation for people who do not use alternative power once the weather conditions turn back to normal.

The Stremishire Generating Station, Fallbellia’s main power plant in Carthage, struggled to continue generating power to residents when the second ice storm struck the city until other power plants and substations across eastern Fallbellia and southwest Sakura were hit by the ice storm, causing region-wide power outages. The Fallbellia’s Scale guild in Starryhaven, declared a state of emergency for the entire state of The Plains of Starryhaven.

Constance Kallerina, a locally famous samurai and guild master of Mission Sight who rules the prefecture of Mission Valley, declared a state of emergency. Peter Hallahan of Meredy Prefecture also declared a state of emergency as a precaution as well.

Power companies across central Belphenia are working hard to get the power restored in the affected areas, according to the Belphenia Energy and Power Company and the International Council on Solar Energy. In Remiville and Carthage, power is expected to be restored within 24 hours if the weather conditions return back to normal.


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