Haroldsborough and Berkeley Ridge metro extensions in planning, Horizon Springs told to wait

HAROLDSBOROUGH, FREEDEMIA- Two Quentinsburgh Suburbs area will finally gain metro connections to downtown. Haroldsborough, north and west of Mathersboro, and Berkeley Ridge, east of Gillepsie, are both going to gain metro lines by 2020. Line 6 will be extended north to downtown Haroldsborough, while line 7 will be extended beyond the Geolympiad Complex to Caroll Hill and Berkeley Ridge. Both lines are still in planning, with no specific routes figured out yet.

QUARTA decided the lines should be in their future plans after an increase in demand by residents of the two suburbs. Unfortunately, suburb Horizon Springs did not see the same outcome. The residents of the growing town were told that it would only happen after the creation of more density between Northcross and Horizon Springs, which is unlikely to happen considering the geography of the area.

The original idea was for line 10 to be extended to Horizon Springs. That is now unlikely to happen.

Haroldsborough residents were very pleased at the news. One resident, Daniel Ashburton, told our reporters “That’s awesome, finally I won’t have to ride an express bus or take the BRT over to Mathersboro our Northcross just to get to work downtown. Still a transfer, but hey, I won’t complain.”

Horizon Springs residents are not as pleased. However, Horizon Springs has not entirely missed out, as QUARTA plans to begin extending express bus route 341- Horizon Springs/Northcross Express, all the way to downtown Quentinsburgh via U-7 while increasing frequency. QUARTA is also looking into whether a branch of the QCommute Commuter Rail system might better suit the small distant suburb. Sarah Conway, a mom from Horizon Springs, was disappointed, but not upset. “A metro connection would have been really nice, but hey, at least we’re getting a one seat ride to downtown.” Sarah works in Northern Quentinsburgh, so the downtown connection will not necessarily help her work commute; however, increased frequency will make a transfer in Northcross to line 10 much more convenient.

A full map of the QUARTA network, showing the planned extensions. As seen in the map, Horizon Springs is still very disconnected.

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