QUARTA announces lines 2 and 5 will switch south of downtown, 5 to extend into Mathersboro

QUENTINSBURGH- The QLine Metro Map will look a little more symmetrical in coming months, as QUARTA announces plans for service switches on extensions of lines 2 and 5.

Currently, line 5 runs a strange almost L-shaped route, running along Quentinsburgh Blvd West and making a sharp turn to run along Fredrick Street in the East. Line 2 runs along Bond Blvd and then runs through downtown to Quentins Point Beach.

However, QUARTA has come to the conclusion that these are not very productive routes, and that switching them south and east of downtown would lead to much more logical routes and more convenient rides. The switch would make line 5 totally north to south, running parallel to overcrowded line 1 as a better alternative than the current arrangement, while making line 2 make a convenient c shape in downtown, similar to that currently operating on line 7 and soon to be operating on lines 4 and 13, while running out to the Geolympiad Complex on the tracks currently serviced by line 5. Line 5 will be able to extend fully into Mathersboro, perhaps eventually even a couple stops beyond where the 1 currently terminates, while line 2 will create better service in downtown more similar to the future 13 while creating a smoother and more sensible connection between the Geolympiad Complex and downtown.

(The complex will then be connected to downtown by lines 2 and 4, meaning riding in either direction will lead there, helping reduce the potential for one direction being overcrowded during the Geolympiad. Even on top of that, line 13 will also connect to the Geolympiad Complex, as will line 7. In all, four lines will conveniently connect downtown directly to the Geolympiad Complex.)

Those coming from the Bond Blvd lines will not lose access to the Grand Ave extension through downtown either, as line 4 will continue to follow that route. Meanwhile, riders of line 2 will now have another more convenient place to connect with the James St/Mark St lines (1, 3, 7) at the large junction station Fredrick St/Convention Ctr, and while line 5 will lose a major junction, in running closer to the heart of downtown on the Grand Ave tracks it will become more accessible. Lines 2 and 13 will act as very important east west connections through downtown that previously did not exist.

There is a junction at the Wellson/QSU Hospitals station where the lines meet that will be used to switch the lines. The service change is expected to take effect February 1st in preparation for the completion of line 13, which should follow in early to mid March.


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