New Park and Rides, Transit Centers in QUARTA, QDOT’s plans for 2016

QUENTINSBURGH- New and larger park and rides and an Increased number of transit centers are big parts of the transportation plans for Quentins State and Quentinsburgh in 2016.

QUARTA announced their transit improvement plans for 2016 on Thursday, this time with a large emphasis on improving existing transit services with better transfers, more convenient park and rides and more incentives to choose transit over driving.

QUARTA plans on greatly increasing the amount of park and rides, especially at stations further from downtown and at commuter rail stations. These new ones will be built as garages, as will several existing lots, which will be reconstructed from surface parking to multi level garages. The hope is that by reducing parking in downtown but increasing park and rides on lines connecting to downtown, more people will choose transit as a way to get downtown instead of driving there. Park and ride garages will also be built at the Geolympiad Complex.

QUARTA is also planning on improving service on local bus routes by adding new and improving old transit centers throughout the city. Especially important are transit centers that act as transfers between the bus network and the metro system. Such locations like Christian/Capitol/Quentinsburgh will be priority spots.

Along with these improvements, QUARTA plans on further encouraging riders to buy SilverPasses or GoldPasses to have full access to the entire QUARTA network without worrying about paying extra for transfers and with more flexibility in their travels.

These were the largest things in QUARTA’s plans. The QDOT plans on using this as an opportunity to go through with plans for a better high speed rail between Quentinsburgh and Personsboro, one of many projects helping Personsboro after recent complaints and the filing of (and denial of) plans to become a separate state.


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