Belphenia unveils new flag and new Deputy Prime Minister sworn in; Nation enters into the Moka period

Remiville – (Belphenia State Television) The Sapphire Swan Flag, that is flown over the lands of the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia since the Battle of Shirahoshi, is coming down to give way to the new Endless Wind Flag.

Great Heartists in Remiville, Eraede, and Shadowsnow City lowered down the theocratic nation’s Sapphire Swan Flag in flag lowering ceremonies at government premises, city squares, samurai districts, harbors and ports, and public buildings across Belphenia. Reiko Beard, the country’s ceremonial leader, attended the flag raising ceremony and gave the keynote address to Great Heartists and the samurai in Udrogoth.

In Jellal, Icebarrow, samurai have been fighting with a snowstorm while driving on Interstate 21 (B 21) to get to the flag ceremony in Elelle, but most samurai got caught in ditches and embankments along the interstate and never made it to the ceremony there.

In Satsumina, Sakura Prefecture, the flag raising ceremony was postponed due to the blizzard in which both directions of Interstate 1 (B 1) between Celiniel and the Three Boundaries had to be shut down.

The ceremonies were also postponed in Terra Matoi due to a water main break in a city square. In Cadendandra, pirates attended the ceremony anyway despite the main ceremony was postponed because of a sinkhole swallowed a part of National Route 0 (BR 0) in Xanthe.

In Remiville, the samurai dealt with heavy traffic and delayed traffic lights in the city’s Ryushime historic district to get to the ceremony where the Angels of the Celestial Sky held the flag raising ceremony. While the samurai still stuck in traffic, they were able to see the Endless Wind Flag being raised to high mast.


At the new flag raising ceremony in Remiville, former Sakura Department of Natural Resources president Masahide Shiroma was sworn in as Belphenia’s first Deputy Prime Minister Friday morning. Shiroma took the oath of office and secrecy by Erza Beard, Belphenia’s prime minister in the city’s Ryushime samurai district.

“New flag, new Deputy Prime Minister, new era. This is where Belphenia transitions to a new era with a new start”, the prime minister said.

Great Heart and the Belphenian government did confirm that once the Endless Wind Flag rise up on Belphenian soil, the Sapphire Swan Flag will be removed and to be designated as a historic flag. The old flag will be put on display at the Battle of Shirahoshi Memorial Museum in Remiville and at all Battle of Shirahoshi memorial parks and gardens. It is also confirmed that since the First Leader of Belphenia is still living and accepted the new era proposal, the Clear Heart period will come to the end, followed by a new era.

Belphenia’s Sapphire Swan Flag was flown from June 2, 2011 to December 25, 2015 in the Clear Heart period. The old flag will be designed as a historic flag and will be on display at all Battle of Shirahoshi memorials.
Belphenia’s new Endless Wind Flag designed by Great Heartists, replaced the old flag on December 25, 2015, signaling the start of the Moka period.

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