East Quentins State Files to Break Off, become Persons State

QUENTINSBURGH- For the first time in Freedemian history, a motion has been filed to add a new state.

Two Quentinian Poplators from Personsboro, Poplators Greg Mehlin and Freida Johnschamp,  filed a motion on Tuesday to make Eastern Quentins State a new state. The state, which would be called Persons State with capital at Personsboro, would basically consist of all of eastern Quentins, perhaps geographically larger than what would remain Quentins State. Merlin and Johnschamp both cited revenue as the largest issue.

“Being in the same state as Quentinsburgh is awesome, and has lots of benefits; however, I feel like we are completely overshadowed because of it,” stated Johnschamp. “Quentinsburgh gets all the big events, they get the transit funding, they get the airports and the road improvements, and they get the tourists. Being separated from Quentinsburgh by a small mountain range, we barely even get the leftovers.”

Johnschamp may make a strong point. Quentinsburgh’s hosting of the 2016 Summer Pancontinental Games is helping lots of surrounding towns and cities, as visitors will likely choose their towns for cheaper hotel rates when closer in city hotels are full. However, Personsboro is so oddly placed that few tourists coming in for the Games have shown interest in spending any time in Personsboro.

Mehlin argued further that Personsboro, like other area cities, often get forgotten when they are near bigger more popular cities. “Cities like Reedsboro in Reeds state are dealing with the same thing with Laneston and Vandover; the difference is the fact they can still benefit. We want to separate, not with hard feelings towards Quentinsburgh, but just to get the funding and support we need.”

However, this is definitely an uphill battle. Even within the state none of the other four Poplators and only one of three Representatives fully support the idea. Another large issue is technically, as Freedemia was split up into its current day states upon founding, and they have never been to war, nor have its borders grown in geographical size, there is no provision for adding states in Freedemian government legislation. There’s never been a need for one. It would also affect Quentins State and its representation in the legislature.

More should be heard in the coming weeks as this motion moves further along.


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