Hummingfall guild master goes into angry outburst, expels Bluesage acting leader out of the guild

Long Beach, Zerephine (Sakura News Center) – Takeshi Morai, 24, a guild master of the Hummingfall pirate faction who rules Long Beach in Zerephine City’s south suburbs since the Battle of Shirahoshi, went on an angry outburst and expelled Bluesage’s acting leader, Deanna Muse for ripping off the faction’s guild logo from her clothes and supporting the repealing of the Siikesilla ban in Belphenia when Muse was kicked off from a team.

“I cannot believe you have broken a number of guild rules, and you have committed an unforgivable, grave sin against Great Heart! You also lied to us saying that you’re not shirarume or a pirate, but when the police and Zerie Ellenal of Mermaid Tail came here and told me that we have you, Deanna Muse, in our records, and told us the truth! The truth starts here, you’re shirarume and a bad pirate, and you’re supporting the piece of j*** Siikesilla! You stand here and don’t move a muscle!”, said Morai in an angry filled rant when he saw the Bluesage acting leader getting kicked off from his mother’s team for attacking Princess Gertrude of Maydien in a Mermaid Tail meeting on Friday.

“You even tore off our guild marks from your clothes. This is how pirates NEVER do these things but you did ripped them apart… you BAKA! I was watching the world news on Saturday when I saw you and your nakama BEATING UP THAT POOR MAYDIENI PRINCESS!” Morai’s rage gained the attention of Long Beach mayor Dave Jasenwood, the Shiranui Beach district, and Mermaid Tail, as they continue to watch him walking up towards Deanna Muse. “You wanna support that r*****i Siikesilla, you know what, don’t put it on your neck! I hope I am going to call you weak, because you are weak. And when you go home to Bluesage, you need to go to training school and become a samurai and wear a hakama with sakura designs imprinted on them, a kimono, and a sarashi!” He finishes the rant and talked to Long Beach religious police about his reaction on Muse’s assault on Princess Gertrude of Maydien.

After the Hummingfall leader drank a glass of water and took a five minute break, he rages again towards Muse and expels her out of the guild. “You’re nothing but trash and sinned against Great Heart. Deanna Kakashi Muse, you are hereby expelled from Hummingfall and are never to return. I want you to turn in your personal guild uniforms, and by then, I want you out of Long Beach after sundown. You are also hereby excommunicated and are never to contact any Mississippi County residents.” Morai finishes his anger-filled announcement to his guild members and have the police escort Muse out of the guildhall.

Morai later apologized to the pirate guild and the public for his outburst on local news outlets and social media in Zerephine City. Police and Mermaid Tail are still investigating to try to figure out what motivated Muse to attack the Maydieni princess and her involvement with the Karolian folk culture amulet, the Siikesilla.


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