Acting Bluesage leader attacks Maydieni princess at Mermaid Tail meetings

Zerephine City (Sakura News Center, Earthland News Now) – This morning, there were numerous reports about one of the acting leaders of Bluesage, attacked a Maydieni princess Friday night.

Princess Gertrude of Maydien, 27, is on a ten day visit to the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia including attending two meetings about the upcoming transition from compact flourescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs in Belphenia and the discussion about Great Heart’s move to ban blood products, including blood transfusions, when suddenly, the acting Bluesage leader, Deanna Muse, started attacking the Maydieni princess and disrupted the meeting when she shouted “Siikesilla” in front of the members of Mermaid Tail and Belphenia’s ceremonial leader, Reiko Beard.

The altercation lasted about three minutes that led to the fight between Muse and Princess Gertrude started in the guildhall where Muse hollered into the princess’ ear saying that she must “support Karolia” and “leave Great Heart” and slapped her into her face causing a cut. The princess started sobbing and ran outside to her motorcade, only to be stopped by Muse’s supporters on the intersection of Central Seaside Parkway and Mermaid Tail Parkway where she was attacked while getting in her car. Kaini Larkin, a member of Mermaid Tail, tried to break up the fight but Muse’s supporters blocked her intervention to rescue the princess.

The police and paramedics were called to the scene of the incident while members of Mermaid Tail witnessed the incident. Princess Gertrude of Maydien was taken to the nearest hospital in Zerephine City’s medical district where she is being treated for a ringing ear, and bleeding cuts and bruises.

The fight caused by Muse angered Belphenia’s prime minister, Erza Beard, and Mermaid Tail’s guild master Zerie Ellenal when they denounced the altercation as “a serious danger to Maydien and Belphenia” and “acts of wickedness”.

“How would Deanna Muse do these potentially unforgivable acts to Princess Gertrude of Maydien. I really hate how Muse would act in a behavior that was psychotic that will put the princess in grave danger, and I do not want Princess Gertrude get killed by Muse and her supporters in front of Mermaid Tail! She came here being happy and now she left this guild with tears flowing down on her face, all because of Deanna Muse being weak and pathetic and started shoving the Siikesilla trash down to her ears!” The Belphenia prime minister said and after she left the Mermaid Tail guild premises with her sister Reiko in her motorcade back to the hotel in Long Beach, Zerephine, she was disgusted about Muse’s actions.

Muse was later arrested by Mermaid Tail and was handed over to the Zerephine City Metro Police. She was charged with battery and disorderly conduct. Police are currently investigating to find out what exactly caused Muse and her supporters to attack the Maydieni princess in the two meetings at Mermaid Tail.


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