Erzaleria moves Goytakanyo refugees to Belphenia

Nami (News 9 Erzaleria) – The Goytakanyo refugees who tried to illegally enter Erzalerian soil and were deported by the Erzaleria Maritime Border Police, have been moved to Zerephine City in Belphenia by the use of cruise liners, according to the Erzalerian government.

Erzaleria’s prime minister Māhoe ʻAukai said that the Erzalerian government is already helping the Belphenian government to set up a refugee camp for fleeing Goytakanyo refugees in Zerephine City. She later contacted Freedemia leader Angela Rosenthal about the transportation of the deported refugees to Belphenia after hearing her remark about nations supposed to move refugees to other countries who can accept them instead of deporting the refugees to their home country where the conflicts took place. Rosenthal later apologized for getting the wrong impression from the media about what happened and thanked the Erzalerian and Belphenian governments for explaining and doing the right thing by using cruise liners to move the refugees to a safe place in Zerephine City.

In Nami’s Strawberry Passage area, construction contractors said the refugee camp is still not finished in which that was likely caused the Maritime Border Police to deport the refugees at the time of the seizure of three vessels and dozens of lifeboats. On November 21, Belphenia sent four cruise liners to the Port of Erzaleria to move the fleeing refugees to Zerephine City, one day after the theocratic nation made their decision to accept 15,000 refugees according to Belphenian state media.

On November 25, the four cruise liners filled with refugees docked at the Port of Zerephine and were transported by buses from Ackerman to the refugee camp in Zerephine City.


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