Hurricane Obodo could hit Farax

MARIORA- Hurricane Obodo, currently in the ocean north of Farax, could hit Quphellas. Weather reports suggest that the Level 3 Hurricane Obodo is heading southeast, from it’s current location northwest of Farax. If the reports are right, the hurricane would follow a similar path that devasting Hurricane Carly followed in 2009.

When Hurricane Carly hit the northern Quphellas coastline in May of 2009, it caused massive damage to Mariora and the eastern Fremont-Monhiel Metro Area. The level 5 hurricane had damaged thousands of buildings and displaced thousands of residents. It also damaged infrastructure, such as making Wetland Road, which had been the route for FR 100 at the time, useless. The road is still being repaired today. The hurricane also damaged Froiengamean Air Army Base, which caused the base to close down for 3 months.

Farax National Weather Serive (FNWS) director Wesley Graham released this statement on Friday morning.

“Weather reports from FNWS has suggested that Hurricane Obodo could hit the northern Quphellas coastline within several days. The Hurricane is a level 3 and could cause damage to the Mariora and FM Metro areas.”

Hurricane Obodo path

The possible path of Hurricane Obodo shown here.

Residents of northern Quphellas have been advised to evacuate the Mariora Metro area if possible. It is highly recommended that any citizen in the area who cannot evacuate should not go outside, and that they should stay in their basement or bathroom inside their residence since those are the safest parts of a typical house. Residents who live in a multi-story building or a trailer are recommended to go to a Hurricane Shelter.




4 thoughts on “Hurricane Obodo could hit Farax

  1. Due to the laws of physics, there are limits on where hurricanes can go, but I think it’s possible to imagine one occasionally hitting Farax as described — see satellite view here:

    What do you think? 🙂 Feel free to use the image if you like.

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    • Thanks. Yes, hurricanes hitting Farax are relatively rare, with most ending up being small hurricanes, but occasionally being Level 3-5 such as Hurricane Carly and the current Hurricane Obodo.


  2. That name sounds familiar.. hmm (I have a city called Port Obodo in Lallemand). Anyway If it is hurricane Obodo does that mean it is the 15th Hurricane of the year. The U.S names hurricanes in alphabetical order: so Ike was 9th hurricane of the year. They also interchange names between male and female. Obodo is a Nigerian last name so neither but maybe in another language it is female or male. Did you use something like a name generator or just think it up yourself?


    • Yeah, I admit I used Port Obodo’s name for this. But I don’t know exactly how many hurricanes in Farax have occurred this year but hurricanes in Farax are not common and usually only several occur each year (Most of them being minor but hurricanes like Hurricane Obodo and Hurricane Carly being exceptions)


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