Tourism and Trade in Freedemia- A rising economic tide raises all boats

VANDOVER- Freedemia has always been a friendly nation, but for quite some time it was quite an isolationist nation. For most of its existence, there was not a large amount of international trade or tourism. However the country has opened up much further to the outside world in recent years, creating new economic ties with many nations.

This has been very good news for many major cities across the region. New economic opportunities and a boom in tourism have been helping several cities experience growth and financial stability.

Tourism has become quite the help for many cities, with each major city creating its own personality to attract international tourists. 

For Quentinsburgh, that personality has to do with the city’s modern, yet historic feel. Being the capital of Freedemia and the second biggest city, it is also the most visited and more recently the most chosen for big international events and locations. Quentinsburgh will be hosting the 2016 Summer Geolympiad (also known as the Pancontinental Games) in July, which is a huge honor and will attract hundreds of thousands of athletes and tourists to the city and the surrounding areas.

Laneston and Vandover have boomed in tourism as well, as the world begins to rediscover their beautiful beaches, luscious greenspace and expansive parks, and their rich naturist culture. The cities are seeing such a boom in tourism that FreedemiAir is planning on adding international flights between Vandover and several major international cities, and VAULT, the transit system, and RDOT (the Reeds Department of Transportation) have been given huge funding amounts to fix up the cities further to attract even more tourists.

Franklinsburgh has been benefitting a lot off of Quentinsburgh’s success. Hosting the Geolympiad is a big job- and because of that, Quentinsburgh is having Franklinsburgh host a lot of the smaller events in 2016 that would normally have taken place in Quentinsburgh, such as the International Foosball World Cup. Franklinsburgh and sister city Lake Grander also attract a lot of “lake tourism”, surrounded by natural forests for the avid camper, and more recently they’ve been attracting things like international conferences.

Anneitasburgh has the personality of an older city, and that attracts a lot of tourists. While the city outside of the center is quite modern, Anneitasburgh’s Old City in downtown is one of the most preserved in the nation. As it grows in popularity and more people discover it, it is becoming a rich heritage site for those looking for that true historic feel.

Laneston, Haroldsborough, and Quentinsburgh have also greatly benefitted from increased trade, as their major ports flourish, creating new jobs and helping the cities’ economies greatly.

Overall, it seems like Freedemia has greatly benefitted from globalization- tourism and trade opportunities have helped bring the country to a world stage.


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