Freedemia’s President Angela Rosenthal’s approval rating drops for the first time in two years, unprecedented 24 point drop

QUENTINSBURGH- After being the president with the highest approval rating in Freedemian history, it appears President Angela Rosenthal has finally lost a lot of Freedemian approval.

PWN News reports a poll done today by FreedemianNationalMag left Rosenthal’s approval rating at 71 percent- when only slightly over a month or so ago, approval had peaked at 95 percent. This is the biggest drop in approval rating a president with a starting approval rate over 80 percent has ever seen in Freedemian history.

It appears most of the approval drop was based off of the reaction President Rosenthal has had to the Suvuma-Goytakanya conflict. Angela Rosenthal was known for years even before her election for being a calm, reserved person, and since her election she has been very proactive with many issues, including equal pay, better funding for transportation, technology, and education, and better economic ties to other countries. She even was known for bringing Freedemia to the global stage for the world with events like the 2016 Summer Pancontinental Games coming to Quentinsburgh and increasing national tourism. 

However, for the first time, as pertains to the Suvuma-Goytakanya conflict, Rosenthal almost appeared to be confused and more “reactive” than “proactive”, not responding to it at all for over a month. She also seemed more irritable and frustrated than ever before, almost seeming to become more angry every day the conflict goes on. She was even more upset as the international community began to get the impression that she was attempting to egg on the conflict when she and her cabinet chose to begin relations with Goytakanya, ending a neutral stance like those Freedemia has always been famous for. 

While motive is still debatable, those concerns may be valid. Shortly after Freedemia made that decision to become one of the few countries that recognized Goytakanya, several other nations followed, announcing support for Goytakanya. Shortly after that, several massacres and riots in Suvuma led to the death of many Goytakanyans and several reporters, and many Goytakanyans, Suvumese, and internationals alike implied that the choice that governments like Freedemia made to support Goytakanya was what elevated the conflicts in the first place. Rosenthal denounced such accusations, telling reporters they need to blame the ones who did the killings, not the countries fighting for peace, while apologizing for any appearance that she and the Freedemian government condoned such attacks or promoted the conflict. “We chose to initiate relations with Goytakanya to fight for PEACE, not to promote conflict.”

While about 99 percent of Freedemians promote taking in Goytakanyan refugees, only about 72 percent agree with Freedemia’s gaining relations with Goytakanya’s government, the other 28 percent with the fear that this was taking a side in a huge international conflict, creating the possibility of being dragged into the conflict itself.

Rosenthal has stated that she will not let the lowered ratings get at her. “My responsibility is to the Freedemian people themselves, not to approval ratings or the media. (No offense to great media companies like PWN.) But I know that what I’m doing is in the best interest of Freedemians, and I know I will continue for as long as I am in office.”


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