17 college students confirmed dead in riot over Farax recognizing Goytakanya as an independent nation

FREMONT- 17 college students from Fremont University have been confirmed dead today after Fremont Police shot bullets and tear gas into a protest group protesting Farax’s decision to recognize Goytakanya as an independent nation. A crowd of about 2,000 protested occupied and blocked Henry J. Simmons Boulevard in downtown Fremont. “This is a horrible incident, my heart goes out to all those who lost their lives in this. It is sad this conflict has to happen.” Prime Minister Marvin Tumbon released this statement.

The riot occurred when about 2,000 citizens and college students decided to attempt to repeal Farax’s decision to recognize Goytakanya as an independent nation. “Goytakanya is too small to be able to have a steady economy or be worth investing in, it can only survive if it is part of Suvuma,” Matthew Ross, one of the protesters who survived, states. Farax has been divided over whether to recognize Goytakanya as an independent nation and many are opposed. On November 12th, when Farax officially recognized Goytakanya as an independent nation and promised trade and assistance to the country, people opposed to it were outraged. “Here we are, wanting to give military assistance and trade to a country with people who we don’t even know. For all we know these people could be terriosts!” states Mary Rodghan, the leader of the group, Goytakanya United, a Farax-based association opposed to letting Goytakanya be independent.

The members of Goytakanya United including Mary Roghan where even more outraged yesterday when the Farax Government released this statement. “We are accepting Goytakanyan refugees and we have created direct flights to Bhagurah in light of the Goytakanyan refugee situation the world is currently facing.” Goytakanya United has worked day and night to convince politicians in the Farax Parliament to repeal Farax’s decision to recognize Goytakanya as an independent nation and stop giving assistance to Goytakanya. Most of the politicians have not responded but some of them have. Theodore C. Yuwen states. “There’s is no point to repealing Farax’s decision. Goytakanya has been chained to Suvuma too long and deserves to be free. Let Goytakanya be free to make it’s own decisions. People like you are only trying to hold Goytakanyta back and let Suvuma hurt innocent Goytakanyans.”

The shooting also sheds light on the problem of police cruelty in Fremont. The Fremont Police Ministry has gained more power over the years and has became more aggressive with that power. “Fremont policemen have been shooting more and more people as they gain more and more power,” says Ron Venton, a journalist for The Fremont Times. Many people have been outraged by these incidents, such as the near-killing of 11-year-old Tom Graden last month. This has also raised the question of police being racist. “I have observed that Fremont policemen have been punishing poorer residents of Fremont for more minor things compared to letting higher income Fremont residents go without as much punishment,” says Ron Venton. Additionally Fremont has higher arrest rates than cities such as Tuphenas with similar urban nature. Many Tarheil residents have petitioned online to pass province legislature requiring the enforcement of the current rule that Tarheil police are not allowed to use discrimination in their policing decisions. Opponents to this petition state, “How would you enforce this? You can’t enforce what a policeman thinks and it would be too expensive anyway!”

Many people hope that the violence in the Goytakanyan conflict can stop before it escalates into something worse, like a war.


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