Freedemia asks countries to deport refugees to countries that will accept them, announces special flights to Bhagurah for Refugees

QUENTINSBURGH- President Angela Rosenthal released another statement today, this time in response to getting word of Goytakanyan refugees being deported from other nations.

Earlier this morning, OGN reported that Erzaleria had caught three ships of Goytakanyan refugees as they tried to enter illegally, and deported them. However, the article did not say where they were deported to. President Rosenthal is currently trying to get in contact with Erzalerian leaders to gain more information.

In the meantime, however, she made a public statement, saying that while she understands the fact that  nations have the right to deport refugees entering illegally, that countries who choose to deport refugees need to deport them to other countries that will accept them, not send them back into the area they were trying to escape.

“I get it. They entered your country illegally and you aren’t going to accept them. But you can’t send them back where they came from!!! That’s the whole reason why they tried to enter illegally in the first place!!! Why send them back to the very place they are trying to escape when there are nations around the world willing to accept them???!!”

Rosenthal also announced private emergency FreedemiAir Flights to Goytakanya’s capital Bhagurah. These flights, along with added flights to Taiago in the Brugas Archipelago (Neo Delta) will be to help Goytakanyan (and any peaceful Suvumese) refugees legally get to Freedemia, a country that has stated multiple times that it welcomes peaceful refugees with open arms. Rosenthal hopes that many will take advantage of Freedemia’s hospitality. She also encourages refugees to choose to go to countries they can legally enter, instead of risking deportation back to the area of conflict.


3 thoughts on “Freedemia asks countries to deport refugees to countries that will accept them, announces special flights to Bhagurah for Refugees

  1. Lallemand has been accepting refugees and immigrants pre-conflict and it is relatively a short boat trip and even shorter flight to Lallemand we will continue to hopefully get the bulk of islanders as not to economically strain other countries.As many Lallemanyan ethnic groups have very close ethnic ties with Goytakano and Suvumese people we will continue to help them, we believe the more cultures in the country, the better.


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