Erzaleria tightens maritime borders

ERZALERIA CITY – Prime Minister Mahoe ‘Aukai said that the island nation is tightening and restricting access to Erzalerians upon entry on maritime borders as a precaution in the wake of the Goytakanya-Suvuma conflict.

The Erzaleria Maritime Border Patrol said that three ships full of Goytakano refugees tried to enter Erzalerian soil illegally through the Port of Erzaleria on the easternmost part of the main island. It was also reported that the fleeing Goytakano refugees used lifeboats to get to either Erzaleria City or Blue Island without being spotted by the border police, but that plan eventually failed when the border police spotted and arresting refugees. The escaping refugees were deported by border officials for illegally entering the island nation.

Erzaleria is on alert as a precaution and entry to the island nation has been restricted to local residents only after the border police have increased the number of boats to patrol on Erzalerian waters.


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