Freedemia’s President Rosenthal denounces attacks on Goytakanyans in Suvuma, emphasizing all sides plead for peace

QUENTINSBURGH- Freedemian president Angela Rosenthal stopped what she was doing and made a public statement earlier today in response to the recent killings of Goytakanyans on Suvumese soil. 

Rosenthal wanted to make it very clear that no one condoned these attacks, no matter on what side of the conflict they were on.

“The Suvumese people and their governments denounced the attacks. Goytakanya and its citizens denounced them. The rest of the world denounced them. The only ones that did this and condoned it were the horrible people who mindlessly killed these people. Not Suvuma as a whole, and not the Suvumese government. NONE OF THIS IS RIGHT. SUVUMA KNOWS THAT. GOYTAKANYA KNOWS THAT. THE WORLD KNOWS THAT. If there’s one thing we all can agree on, it’s that these attacks are WRONG and MUST STOP. NOW.”

Rosenthal also apologized for any appearance of Freedemia trying to fuel the conflict. Freedemia recently chose to begin relations with Goytakanya, stirring controversy. Both Goytakanyans and Suvumese appeared to get the idea that Freedemia and other nations were attempting to egg on the conflict. 


One thought on “Freedemia’s President Rosenthal denounces attacks on Goytakanyans in Suvuma, emphasizing all sides plead for peace

  1. Many, in Freedemia and abroad, were a little surprised. Angela Rosenthal is generally seen as one of the calmest most passive Freedemian presidents ever, and is known for being firm and assertive in a calm quiet manner. When asked, however, Rosenthal explained that she will get extremely angry over the right things. “I’m not afraid to be aggressive when I have to be,” she said firmly and perhaps, even snappily when asked. She expressed outrage at the attacks, and the fact that they were 1) still happening and 2) being blamed not on the individuals doing these murders, but on other countries who became involved with the goal of peace.


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