Attacks reported on Goytakanos in Suvuma, 22 confirmed dead

goytakanya-conflictFEDERAL DISTRICT, SUVUMA — Suvumese officials reported fourteen separate fatal attacks on ethnic Goytakano people in Suvuma yesterday, as an ugly wave of violence swept through the country.

Reeling from the decisions of Neo Delta and a number of other countries to support the breakaway island of Goytakanya, groups of angry Suvumese citizens reportedly extracted “revenge” on ethnic Goytakano people across Suvuma.

“If our leaders are too cowardly to respond to these insults to our country,” one anonymous Suvumese man told KTV, “then the people will do it themselves.”

Others condemned the attacks: “They have nothing to do with the international politics,” said a Suvumese woman. “Hurting them is unacceptable.”

When asked what she thought of the countries announcing plans for embassies in Goytakanya, she shook her head. “Goytakanos on the island get a shiny new embassy, and Goytakanos here get killed in return. How does that bring peace?”

The deadliest attack occurred last night in the Federal District, where six ethnic Goytakano men were confronted and beaten by an angry mob.  Four died of their injuries while two were rescued by police and rushed to a nearby hospital, where they remained in critical condition.  Two assailants were captured by police while others remained at large.

An additional 18 Goytakano deaths were reported in thirteen similar incidents, which occurred in nine other cities and towns across northern Suvuma.  Additional deaths were rumored but still unconfirmed by authorities.  Suvumese police said that a large number of nonfatal assaults and confrontations had occurred as well, resulting in dozens of injuries.

The Suvumese regime issued a stern statement denouncing the attacks, praising police forces for intervening, and vowing that those responsible would be brought to justice.  The same statement slammed Neo Delta and the other countries that followed its lead for “recklessly provoking the violence,” emphasizing that no such attacks had been reported on Goytakanos in the previous twelve months.  Ethnic Goytakanos have been a significant minority group in Suvuma for centuries, outnumbering even the population of Goytakanya.

“While Suvumese police and military are working around the clock trying to keep everyone safe, it seems that these countries want to see bloodshed,” the Suvumese statement read.  “It appears they are getting their wish.”


3 thoughts on “Attacks reported on Goytakanos in Suvuma, 22 confirmed dead

  1. Would the Suvumese government allow other countries to take those Goytakanyans out of Suvuma to a safer location? Like a refugee situation? They don’t want the attacks to happen and all sides generally seem to agree that they are unacceptable. My question is will the Suvumese at least allow countries like Freedemia to help by taking those Goytakanyans willing to leave away from the violence in Suvuma? I guess that request is a longshot, but it couldn’t hurt to ask.

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  2. But yeah…this is one of those sad sad events where governments start a problem and the innocent people pay for it… 😦

    (I am truly glad this is not a real conflict.)


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