Brasonia and Belgravia to support Goytakanya, while Luslandia refuses, causing Gran-Luslandese schism


Usually, the Gran-Luslandese countries act as though they are still a single country. But not this time. Brasonia and Belgravia have decided to support Goytakanya`s independence, but Luslandia remains aligned with Suvuma, after a meeting in Slovech, Belgravia.

The Belgravian president, Tico Chagas, declared:
“Every people deserve the chance to follow their own way.”

Tarugo Desterro, the Brasonian vice-president, mentioned historical events to justify supporting Goytakanya:
“We have brothers in the same oceanic Uletha area, the people from Cariocas. In old times, Gran-Luslandese ships went to that new land, though the Carioca people always have always lived in independence.”

However, Bento da Silva, the Luslandese prime minister, spoke about economic facts:
“When Gran-Luslandia was finished, Luslandia faced many economic problems. But in our case, despite the independence to two countries of the old crown, our countries continue to help one each other, in a economic alliance. I see it will not happen in the Suvuma-Goytakanya case. It would be a complete rupture. So, looking with economical eyes, Luslandia supports Suvuma.”

Bento da Silva continued:
“Suvuma’s economy is vastly larger than Goytakanya’s. I don`t see a way to for Goytakanya to get economic stability. Today, they are largely supported by Cariocas, but, what if Cariocas cannot support them in the future?”

King Barum Em Vallarka, from Goytakanya, sent a message regarding Brasonia and Belgravia, but did not comment on the Luslandia decision.


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