President Rosenthal announces Freedemia will recognize Goytakanya, possibility of embassies

QUENTINSBURGH- After a long period of indecision and weighing the issues, on Tuesday, President Angela Rosenthal announced officially that Freedemia will recognize Goytakanya as a sovereign nation. 

Initial concerns surrounded retaliation from Suvumese government, consider the fact that Suvuma still claims that the island of Goytakanya as part of its territory. However, Freedemia currently has no ties to Suvuma at all. There are no embassies, trade, or flights between the nations, and there are currently no Freedemians on Suvumese soil. Considering these things, President Rosenthal made this statement: “Many countries do not recognize Goytakanya for fear of Suvuma cutting ties with their nation. However, as for Freedemia, there are no ties to cut in the first place. Freedemia and Suvuma have no relations whatsoever, and we would not be losing anything by choosing to not associate with them.”

Also, officials looked at what they had to risk. Freedemia has close ties to the nearby nations of Neo Delta, Lallemand,  and more recently Samiloor, and is looking into closer relations with nearby Cariocas. Freedemia has a lot invested in the region. Considering the Suvumese side has been more hostile in the matter and appears to be more of a threat to the region, it seemed that siding with Goytakanya would be better (and safer) for the nation’s allies (non-military allies) in the region. 

Rosenthal hopes that Freedemia’s recognition of Goytakanya will help the conflict be resolved faster. She still wants to make it clear they recognize Suvuma as a nation as well, and that they hope to see peace as an end result. “We do not want any conflict over this decision,” she stated. “The decision we’ve made is one with the goal of peace.”

Freedemia is likely not going to create any direct flights to Goytakanya, and initial trade will likely go slowly. However, there are plans to open an embassy in Goytakanya and to allow Goytakanya to open an embassy in Quentinsburgh’s Embassy Square. While Freedemia still refuses to take part in any military conflicts, it has also made it clear that Freedemia will accept any Neo Deltan (Brugas Archipelago) and Goytakanyan refugees if one breaks out. In a refugee situation, special flights to Bhagurah will be initiated; however, as regular FreedemiAir flights to Taiago are being initiated, the more likely path would be flying or ferrying to Taiago and fly from there to Freedemia.

Freedemian Secretary of Foreign Relations Gerry Wu also made it clear that if it seems like the Goytakanyan government is truly at fault in the conflict and that they are hurting their own citizens as well as those in Suvuma, as necessary, Freedemia will pull the embassy out of the country. There are still questions about Goytakanya itself as well, as reports of mafia control and high government control of media have cast doubts on the true motive and character of their government. However, as of right now, it appears siding with Goytakanya is the right decision, and the one most likely to bring peace to the region.

It appears Freedemia will be the seventh nation to recognize Goytakanya officially as a sovereign nation.


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